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  1. Matthew was born into a regular, lower middle class household in western part Hungary. Both of his parents very much loved him.In his early childhood he lived in the concrete suburbs of Vas counties capital city. He liked living in a smaller major city, it was still family like in his own neighbourhood but it was big enough to get lost in. His father wanted him to be independent so he was often sent to the store to get some bread or any little thing that could be an excuse to send him out. He learned to navigate by himself very early. By age ten his parents had enough money to buy a home of their own, so they decided to move to a smaller city about 20-30 km away. Matthew had mixed feelings about the decision. On one hand they would be closer to his grandparents, and had a much bigger family house to live in, also he got his own bedroom, but he very much liked the “big” city life and yearned to go back. It was hard for him to part with his friends, but at this point he was excited to see what his future had in hold for him which helped him in the transition. He hated primary school. His new classmates didn’t have much in common with him. He was also teased and often bullied because he was different. He did have one or two friends, but they didn’t stand up against his bullies in fear of being ridiculed themselves. He mostly kept to himself. Forged by the fires of his youth he became easily angerable. In high school he had a tight group of friends. They often went out drinking on the weekends. He was pretty lightweight so often he found himself on the ground after some shots. If not his legs his friends carried him home. Most of them lived outside the small city in villages however they could get around on bikes with ease, so this didn’t cause much of a problem. His nickname became y. His rather unusual name caused this to stick but it grew on him after sometime. As a teenager Matt would visit his grandparents many times. He loved his grandad’s stories, especially the ones about the 1956 revolution. He had served in the Hungarian People’s Army as a tank commander. He would show him pictures and sometimes they would even go out and shoot guns. His grandad had a few pistols and a semi-automatic rifle. He had some skill with both and with his grandad’s guidance he soon became a good shot with them. After finishing high school matt had plans to go to university, but he decided to take a year off. His mother’s health declined and he had to help her. His dad was a surgeon and had to work to twice as hard to provide for them. His dad taught him quite a lot since childhood. Regardless they could not help her and in early 2019 she died. It had quite a big impact on both of them. Him and his dad supported each other and they managed to pull trough. In september Matthew one of his friends Andrew told him that he should get out of the country and see the world and from there maybe he would find his path. Andrew was going to Russia and wanted Matt to come along with him. At first he didn’t like the idea since he didn’t speak the language nor did he have a job. Also the caedesviridae virus was worrying him, he didn’t know how well they handled things there. Andrew already had a job opportunity and an apartment picked out in Chernogorks so Matt being the adventurous person he in the end decided to go with his friend. His dad was supportive of his son and gave Matt some money to help him with his venture. It wasn’t much but in the east it could buy a lot more, reluctantly matt agreed to take it. Matt found a job as a gas station clerk. His knowledge of English was helpful here he could communicate with foreign truck drivers and tourists and with a few of his workmates efficiently, most people still spoke Russian but usually his coworkers took care of them. He lived with Andrew and paid into the rent. Andrew was a translator working for the local government.They celebrated the new year in the apartment and hoped for a bright future. Unfortunately in January the virus got a lot worse in the region. They didn’t really mind the whole thing since it mostly affected the older generation. In February both of them agreed to leave the country at a later date since the whole situation didn’t seem bright. They drew up plans for leaving but all was scraped when the government announced the travel ban. Andrew had inside information from his job and he knew the situation was way worse then what was said in the news. Lockdowns became a regular occurance. Sometimes they couldn’t even get food. From this point the food at home was rationed out. In April the pair attempted to get out of the town, they knew the riots would provide distraction for the police and the military. They packed up as much food and supplies as they could and went out into the night.They approached the limits of the closed down city. A patrol car was still there. They hid in an alley and decided to wait them out, eventually the car had to leave. Suddenly the car’s sirens turned on and two policemen got out of the car. Three well built men were walking that way in a disorganized manner. The officers probably wanted to detain them but as soon as the lights turned on all three ran torwards the car. Suddenly gunshots rang out in the dark and one of the 3 went to the ground. The other two got close to the officers and one of the men ran into the car door behind one of officers was taking cover. At this point Matt and Andrew decided it was time to leg it as fast as they could. They went for it while the two officers were fighting for their lives. While running the pair had seen that the whole situation got very quiet. Four people were on the ground. Matt called out to Andrew, he wanted to help on anyone that might still be alive. They made they way over slowly and looked at the scene. The two men on the ground had darkened veins and one of them had his head pointing up eyes open. They could see the dilated pupils, at this pont the pair was certain the attackers were infected. The officer on the drivers side was shot in the head, it looked like he killed himself after being attacked by one of the infected. The other officer had a red spot on his head, he was the one that got hit by the door. Matt crouched down and checked the pulse of the officer, Andrew standing behind him. The moment he touched him the officers eyes opened up filled with terror. The policeman still had his gun in his hand and lifted it up. Matt jumped behind the car, immediately shots rang out. Andrew shouted in agony. Matt reached for the other officers gun meanwhile calling out to the other to stop it. But the officer just kept shooting and shouting in Russian. Matt only knew a few words in Russian so it was clear he could not reason with the man. So he had to kill him. After killing another man Matt did not know how to process the events that happened and was in a state of shock for a good couple of seconds, his state was only broken by the sudden silence that erupted. He rushed over to Andrew, he had 2 bullets in his chest, he wasn’t breathing. After that Matthew fled with tears in his eyes. He ran out of the city.
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