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  1. Born to a poor agricultural family, Renaldo Lopez was raised to be grateful in the little they had. Having worked on fields at a young age, helped him to appreciate hard work and sense of community with the other workers. He was always willing to help those in need, didn't matter if it was more work or not. Though in his high school days, Renaldo's parents told him to focus more on his studies and education, to further him self. He'd occasionally work back in the fields to make money, helping out when he could and focusing on his education. Upon graduation, he earned a full scholarship to his college of choice. So he went the College of San Mateo to get his associates in Building Construction. Upon receiving his AA degree, he sought out work. Being hired by one of the smaller local unions he began to work. Over the years he met his wife Sandra Murillo, after two years of knowing each other and dating, they got married. They had two boys, Roberto and Genarno Lopez. Though with his job he was often away, leading his wife to eventually cheat on Renaldo. Finding out through his sons, he divorced Sandra and took custody of Roberto, while Sandra took Genaro. This lead him into a pit of depression, though he had to put that aside and continue working. Thus leading him to Chernarus. His Boss or "Jefe" as he and his work buddies called him, had a new project for them all over in Russia. They of course were getting paid to move there as living arrangements were made to accommodate a few chosen workers. Working alongside the Chernarussian's to establish a new Hospital. So packing their belonging and moving out, Renaldo and his son Roberto moved to Chernarus in February of 2018. Never having ventured out of The States or Mexico (to often visit family) this was a new chapter in their lives. Having to learn their native language was a bit of a struggle for both father and son. Renaldo didn't pick up much of it, only few slurs and slang worlds, meanwhile Roberto dedicated time to learn the language and find a college to start his own path. Of course...things began to change further down the line. By January of 2020, the familiar Caedesviridae infection, or Frenzied Flu as the locals called it, had begun to spread rather quickly. Renaldo didn't think to much of it at the time but in the months to come, hell broke loose, many evacuated to different camps while others left elsewhere for shelter. Rendaldo and his son were some of the few to take their chances to find shelter else were, not wanting to be close to large group of people. Fleeing to Zabolotye to hide in the wilderness. Only taking the essentials and tools needed to build a temporary shelter, a few tents and basic medical supplies..little did they know, people were fleeing, and within an instant, all went black. Upon awakening, Renaldo noticed that they had gotten into a a wreck. Nothing serious, a few cuts and scratches. Though his son was no where to be found..thus..begins Renaldo's story of surviving in this godforsaken place.
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