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  1. Paige Malta grew up in Hoofddorp, Netherlands and had a normal childhood. She has a sister and a younger brother and her parents were still together. She had a lot of friends and was doing good in school. When she turned 13 she went to high school and there everything changed. She was the first of all her friends to go there, and she didn't like the kids there. She didn't make any new friends, simply because she didn't want to, and because of that she was marked 'different'. She wasn't bullied but just left alone, which was fine by her. When she turned 15 she and her family had to move, because of her dad's work. They moved to a town a couple hours from where she grew up. There, she did make new friends, but they were the wrong kind of friends. She started to skip school, doing drugs and went on stealing trips in the local shops. She partied every weekend, which later turned into partying from Thursday till Sunday. In these circles she met a lot of shady people, and it wasn't long before she started to 'relocate' packages throughout town. Without really knowing how it happened, she became an affiliate of the biker club, the Iron Maiden MC. She learned how to move without being seen and some self-defence in case things went wrong. Paige and her mother did not see eye to eye, and every conversation ended up in a fight between them. Everyday there was yelling and everyday was a cat and mouse game where Paige tries to get out of the house without being seen by her mother. One night, while Paige was driving around town, she stopped by a traffic light. She didn't notice the car that stopped behind her and she never saw it coming. All she knows is that she felt a sharp pain when the blade was being plunged into her stomach. While she fell to the ground Paige heard familiar bike sounds and her attacker running away. Members of the Iron Maiden MC found her and brought her to the hospital where she recovered after a couple days. When Paige came home she and her mom had their last big fight. Paige was 17 when she packed her bags and left. Her friends didn't want to hang out anymore, afraid of the MC. She stayed with the MC and became an official member. She didn't have any contact with her family, Because of the attack she became a little paranoid, always looking over her shoulder when she was travelling. A couple years went by and she felt like she was actually part of this new family. Paige felt like she was finally home. When she turned 34 Paige found out that the person who stabbed her was one of her own, a member of the MC. She confronted him and he denied everything. There was a big confrontation between the two and other members stepped in to stop it. Paige told them what she knew, but no one believed her. Was this supposed to be her family? They all sided with 'John' and Paige stormed out. She packed her bags and later that evening she took her bike and took off. She was furious and shocked about this betrayal, maybe even more mad at the rest of the members then because of the actual attack. How could they not believe her? She decided never to care again, the pain of betrayal hit her hard. This time she decided that she should go to a different country, one where she didn't speak the language so it would be easy to stay alone and no one would ask questions. She would avoid any personal contact, always being practical and distant. This is how she ended up in Russia. The rumours of the flu were already spreading, but Paige wasn't afraid of the flu. She never gets sick. People are always dying for a dramatic story and Paige didn't expect this to be any different. She never felt more safe than the first few weeks in Russia. She couldn't even pronounce the city she lived in and no one could ask personal questions because she didn't speak the language. She kept to herself, but made a lot of effort to get a job. She eventually found one, an old man willing to pay her for all kinds of chores like wood chopping, gardening, cooking and repairing the house. When the outbreak happened, the old man got hurt by these crazy people who are wandering the streets. Paige thought she saved him but every hour he started to look worse. Paige managed to barricade the house and waited by the old man’s side. He started to smell and making weird noises and it didn’t take that long before she realized that he was not getting better. She took a hammer and looked down on the old man. He looked back at her, his eyes clear for a few seconds and he nodded. Paige whispered: ‘I’m sorry old man…” and she smashed his head in. In shock, she rolled him in the carpet he was laying on and then closed the door. She walked downstairs and sat in a corner. She didn’t cry, she felt nothing. The next day, Paige started hoarding food and water. She had enough for now but she knew she had to leave the house eventually. When the time came, once more, she packed her bags and started walking.
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