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  1. Born of a native american father and a white french canadian mother, Lucien childhood was as normal as it could get for the Canadian countryside. He wasn't exceptional in anything and didn't have any long term goals. Reaching adulthood he went to a big city to find work but instead fell victim to alcohol abuse and the gang lifestyle. After a while he decided he had enough, he took the next plane to France and enrolled in the French Foreign Legion. He served five years and was deployed twice in Chad where he was described as a competent soldier despite his caustic sense of humor and disregard of decorum. His service ending, he got a security job in Chernarus. Things were going pretty well, he bought a cottage and was on his way to get citizenship when the situation started. He stayed away from the chaos for a long while until one day, his neighbor and friend, Max (an englishman expat) disappeared without a trace. He waited for a month, but staying alone in such a remote part of the country was anything but wise so he packed his gear and decided to look for his lost friend in the country.
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