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  1. Janis von Knabenau early life was quite uneventful. Coming from a German-Baltic aristocratic family he went to various boarding schools in England paid by the education fund his Grandparents set up for him. His mother is a model from Latvia. His father is running 2 Pharmacys in Berlin. They did He is more introverted and did not develop many friendships and was even target of bullying. Later he finished school in Switzerland and returned to Germany to study Pharmacy. As his family was rather upper middle class than rich due to still suffering from the expropriation that took place during the first and second World War. Combined with more well of classmates in the boarding school, he developed the ambition to reinstate his Family legacy, no matter the struggle and nothing would get in-between him and his goal. His Hobbies are Hunting as well as flying. He owns a private pilot license. While being in his last year at university he developed an obsession with the Chernarus region after watching a documentation about the conflict. He visited the country for the first time in 2018 after the referendum and fell in love with the country. He saw the same conservative ideals he viewed shared by most of the population. Though to flourish they would need some proper leadership and work ethic. While visiting a congress about anti-infective drugs he met Vladimir Pavel and consultant for the Health ministry and quickly an extremely lucrative option did present itself. Chernarus had only limited access to medical supplies due to sanctions placed by various governments. Using one of the pharmacy’s his father placed him in charge of he managed to circumvent the sanctions through mislabelling high potent drugs as cough sirup. The upcoming pandemic did even help a lot as it was way easier to mask those shipments. Having not been in Chernarus for quite a while due to travel restrictions he took the opportunity to visit his partner Vladimir as the situation was getting better in late March 2020. Vladimir was also an eager hunter and even owned a lodge in the forest. With the 3rd wave and the following lockdown, he was locked in. Vladimir offered him to stay in the guest room at his apartment. He had no wife or kids and apparently not many friends. As riots brought out in May, they left the city and settled for the hunting lodge. The months passed by and the supplies were dwindling. Sometimes Vladimir would leave alone to visit the nearest village to get some information and barter some goods, mostly spare rifle and ammunition for necessities. Encounters with Infected became more and more frequent. Once he left, he should return only 2-3 hours later. But this cold October morning he did not return. After waiting for nearly the entire day, Janis went looking for him taking a Rifle and some supplies with him. The situation was dire, and he knew without the help of Vladimir his chances of survival were slim.
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