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  1. Josh Miller is from the United States of America and was born in Florida he hunted a lot with his father named Alex Miller but never really knew his mother since she abandoned him and his father when he was only 3 years old. Josh did everything with his father and barely spent anytime inside and once he turned 16 he started to do online school and set out to explore the world with his father they visited many nations in the Pacific and Asia and started their journey to explore Europe by going through Russia but before they got further into Europe they decided to go down to chernarus and once they got there the civil war broke out and trapped them there. After the civil war ended Josh and his father decided to not leave chernarus and hunted very often in order to make a living, but then they heard about the frenzied flu breakout and decided to go and stay at their cabin until things calmed down. Josh and his father tried countless times to leave chernarus once they realized things weren't getting better but the military wouldn't let them out. After their last attempt to leave they were attacked by people who were sent home after having the frenzied flu resulting in Alex Miller, Josh's father to die. Josh knows nothing can be done about his father dying and that he must live on through this apocalypse.
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