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  1. Born and raised in Medford, Oregon, Rami had a relatively sheltered and comfortable life. He spent most of his youth away from other kids, either spending time out in the woods or at home playing games or spending time on online forums. At some point during his youth he met a Russian individual around the same age as him on a video game, feeling an odd connection they kept playing together. Over time they started to discuss things they liked, finding more games to play and finding hobbies they both were interested in. At 17 Rami traveled to Russia to meet his friend. They spent time exploring cities and abandoned buildings, pretty much over the duration of Rami's summer break. After this the two would travel back and forth between countries to visit each other, usually going to conventions, LARPing, or just hanging out. Years later, Rami at the age of 22 has a job doing security at a warehouse, his Russian friend is in the military back home. On March 1st, while playing some games and talking, Rami's friend informs him that he will be getting sent out to Chenarus as a part of his military duty. Rami thinks nothing of it and the two continue playing games, once the night is over the two say farewell and log off. Fast forward a couple months, Rami's has come to worry, he has had zero contact from his best friend and is starting to think he may have gotten hurt. Rami starts packing anything useful, clothes, hygiene supplies, a English to Russian translation book, and all his rainy day cash and travels to Russia in an attempt to find the only person he was ever able to call his friend. Once he arrived in Russia, he used information he found online through forums and online acquaintances to meet someone that could help him sneak into Chernarus.
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