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  1. Early life: Born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Jackson Fox was born the only child of two loving parents. Walter had a happy childhood and had been raised on the idea of being kind to others and upkeeping good morals. Walter attended public school and is well educated. Pre-Outbreak: After finishing high school, Jackson went to university to study modern history for the next two years and held a passion for the eastern front. Jackson made the choice to study abroad and temporarily moved to Chernarus while he was visiting historical cold war landmarks. 2nd Wave: Once the 2nd wave spread throughout Russia resulting in the shut down of borders Walter was unable to return to his home in America and has become stranded in Chernarus. During this time he was eager to help in any way he could and volunteered in his free time with distributing universal test kits. 3rd Wave: After the frenzied flu swept through the world and led to the Decay of society Jackson survives by scavenging for loot in towns and moves from place to place to avoid the sick. While he does try to help all he comes across Jackson doesn't side with any major groups. Personality: Jackson tends to keep in high spirits and is an optimist. He will remain neutral in all conflict and will try to see things from both perspectives. Jackson will try to resolve any conflict if he can however if one side is clearly in the right he will aid them.
  2. Cant wait to get playing! I'm new to roleplay though any advice?
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