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  1. When his parents died he became the owner of the farm. After contacting the lawyer and transferring the farm in his name, he never received the deed. He wasn't worried anyways, he knew who it belonged to. Did not know the world ended for several years as he never leaves the farm. Went into town to find parts for tractor, he thought it was strange there was non one driving on the road. Some people went flying by in a truck at deadly speeds as he got into town. He got the the store and found it ransacked. A person stumbled out of the store and looked his direction, at that time he noticed something wrong about the man. He ran away as the man chased him making screaming noises attracting more his direction. He hid in a shed until they left. When he got back to his truck and started home. Black smoke rose on the horizon and he realized the farm was gone. That's how he discovered the end of the world had come without him.
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