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  1. Born in Tallahassee, Frankie was used to the small town life and grew up similarly to many of the kids in the neighborhood. But as he grew older he became sicker and sicker of the lack of news in the town and the lack of excitement. He was completely and utterly bored. So, his ultimate goal being escaping small town America, he began studying to become a traveling journalist. He wanted to take pictures of people in exotic places and really how the others back home what they were missing by staying in the same small town their entire life. He decided to start in Russia, specifically Chernerus. He wanted to photograph the civil war taking place there, and really investigate how the people thought there. So after graduating college he joined the army as an investigative reporter and was shipped out with a small group. He never expected to be stuck there after the end of the war, with a massive outbreak that turned people and his friends into zombies. The quarantine caught him by surprise just as he was finishing up his work, and shortly thereafter he found himself struggling just to survive. The skills he learned from the army stopped being just a courtesy and became a necessity. And as Frankie just struggled to survive he became hardened to the new realities he faced, and realized now photo journalism was the least of his problems. His only hope was that one day he would find people he could trust, so he could stop constantly looking over his shoulder with a rifle in his hands.
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