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  1. I'm taking care of my dads cats for a few days, I'll update you guys on proggres here.

    Day 1. 
    I arrive home late, at eight. The cats have been without food for 12 hours. They look at me like I am a cake, mixed with thoughts of wanting to kill me. I rush in to give them food. 

    After that they were super happy. We all slept nicley together, one on each side of me.

    Day 2. Morning.

    Wake up with one cat biting my toe, the otherone screaming for food. I gave them both breakfust, and also myself. Then I threw them out the ungreatful fucks.

    When I walked to my car, they stared at me like I am the devil himself.


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    2. Spartan


      Im sure you'd love them with some potato slices and sauce

    3. Saradomin


      @The Spartan Please stop. That is not even funny.


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