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  1. When you have to use your cell network as hotspot... just because my dads wifi antenna is not good enough...


    Thinking of bringing my pc back to his house though. My internet is 30 down 10 up, his is 100/100...  

    All he does is email. Why? Oh why?


    Also, Im in fucking nasinec now. Watch out bitches.


    See you tomorrow, new twitter/facebook.

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    2. Razareth


      It is not official yet ;). Still have to get to know the lovely Petra better.

    3. Saradomin


      @Razareth   Ye, true, but petra has decided inher mind.

    4. Razareth


      Let us hope Pepa is brave enough to make the move. Has been years and years since he last been in the presence of a lovely lady such as Petra ;)