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  1. Why do people complain about the server dying and tell people not to put up reports? Thats BS.


    Server is going strong, i've not been back for long, I admit. However, for the past three days I've been on and got great RP with both my new group (i hope they'll let me in) as well as stumbling across a lot of others.


    The server is fine and well.

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    2. Saradomin


      @Nihoolious  Sure, we are out in the woods, but only for a little. 


      For example, yesterday I went to our all fav town Kabanino, and the RP was great, with a lot of great people. Not "stale" rp with little variety. Maybe i stumbled across a gold mine, with my friends Lemons and Truehawk there, but the people we met in there gave good rp too. For example out loved king Joffery was there, and soon more people came around.  During these last three days i never met a single super soldier, however i met reporters, random civilians, well, one or two CDF, which I do not consider super soldier since they know how to rp properly. I wouldnt bet on it, but maybe i am just lucky?

    3. Nihoolious


      Its a timezone thing. During EU peak times the server seems populated and the rp is decent. Once they all go to sleep the server population takes a fat drop and the people left on the server are either the same guys you always see or people who are trying to gear up and rp is a second thought. The server needs to be balanced through all timezones.

    4. Saradomin


      @NihooliousAh, see, I am in the EU and I guess thats my luck.  Suggestion, which I do to the poor guys who try to gear up is, I force my rp upon them. I rp friendly, and not to clingy, in which they have to rp with me, but they can not initiate to get me to leave. If i feel that it is getting to that point, i pretent to loot too for a while just to happen to "stumble" in to them again for some more rp.  Might not be the best rp but it is rp and can lead to further, good rp.