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  1. Saw this and first thought the shoutbox was back, but i guess good memes never come back.


    But i guess new ones show up in their place? 😂

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    1. Saradomin


      When the god comments on my profile. 


      Parks And Recreation Reaction GIF

  3. I'm back bois

    1. Inferno


      Who are you?

    2. Saradomin


      @Inferno  I mean I have been here longer than you and have more posts than you. 

      Anyway, Im Poppy.

    3. Inferno


      Tom Hanks Hello GIF

    4. Saradomin



    5. ChewyLR


      Wouldnae bother

    6. Saradomin


      @ChewyLR How so?

    7. ChewyLR



    8. Saradomin


      Isn't that why we are here?

  4. Pekko, born in Turku, Finland, was a curious man. Pekko was different, not like all others. He would say what he thought, good or bad, whenevr he felt like it. This caused Pekko not to have many friends, and his family could bearly stand him either. As Pekko grew older, he decided that a place with no friends was no good place, and thefor decided to leave Turku, to explore the world. He "hitchhiked" on train across europe, first through Sweden and Denmark, then further south to Germany, before heading east. One day, Pekko ended up in South Zagoria - Chernarus. Here he met Katarina,
  5. Correcting for 156 since Niller should have subtracted
  6. Sorry, but its ME! imma just guess tz because it seems like a popular choice.
  7. Jacob Eriksson, blond, blue eyes and with that nordic look, born in the south of Sweden, in the small village of Sturup, had a nice and calm childhood. Like most others, he went to school, high school, and so on. Jacob’s favorite subject was history, mainly the wars and intrigues between different nations and how it shaped the world. The absolute favorite was world war two, especially Germany and The USSR, and how the cold war came to be. Due to the big interest of The USSR, Jacob had been interested to travel and see the remnants of the war, and this is how he discovered the island of
  8. DayZRP has got me goin like a Yo-Yo

    Leave, come back, leave, come back, leave come back

    Seems i might be back a little again.

  9. @C-J Lol i love you bro.

    Me: opens Dayz
    @C-J : RP RP RP RP RP? 


  10. How is the new Livonia map?

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