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  1. Saradomin


    The Game

  2. Saradomin

    Disallow *frisk for radio*

    Thanks for all feedback. No, this isn't a major issue. Just a thought I have been having. Personally i would like it this way, but definetly see the other side.
  3. Saradomin

    Disallow *frisk for radio*

    Absolutley, wont argue that, i just dont see the "waste of time" part. Would it be a waste of time because you had to spend more time together with the guy you robbed?
  4. Saradomin

    Disallow *frisk for radio*

    This is my point, however the opposite, you would tie them up, and actually search them. During this time you could *rp*.
  5. Saradomin

    Disallow *frisk for radio*

    My suggestion is to disallow the *frisks for radio* //do i find one or //if i find one drop it, sort of stuff. As in game radios are now very common, to further RP, i suggest you now physically have to take the radios from the persons inventory. This to further all ours beloved immersion, but also to further RP, where if the person being frisked has a secret hidden radio in a cooking pot, which could be missed by sloppy initiatiors, can lead to more different rp. Opinions?
  6. Saradomin

    Feeling like new...

    I'm mainly on Chernarus to start with, as CJ got me back here, i joined 503... time will tell what happens though
  7. Saradomin

    Feeling like new...

    Hello people! So i am back... again. Seems like lot has changed, definetly the playerbase has - so im just here to say Hello to all you new guys I havnt't met! I will hopefully see you guys around sooner or later, - Sara
  8. Saradomin

    BeanZ WAR

  9. Saradomin

    BeanZ WAR

    So this is still going on? +1
  10. Saradomin


    @C-J  cant post on your profile, so ill just do it here.



    I love you.

  11. Saradomin


    How is DayZRP these days?

    I see server constantly populated - which is nice.
    What does the mod add - anything that makes it different from base game?

    What makes it worth playing these days?

    1. Zanaan




      I make everything worthwhile.


      That aside the higher population density definitely helps, base building is a good pass time, and there's a large amount of diverse groups that simply weren't present this time last year. 


      But mostly me.

    2. Phoenix


      Hm I mean a lot of is is newcomers building bases to stash their gear atm. That's all I have found lately. And Polana. But that is literally about it.

    3. Saradomin


      @Zanaan Who are you? Are you talking about @Phoenix?

      @Phoenix How about rp like we had - Pekko and Magpie? Any of those internal things still happenin?

    4. Phoenix


      Yeah internal rp is still a thing obvs 😛@Saradomin also "who are you" 😄 

    5. Saradomin


      😄 I havn't been around for a while.....

  12. Saradomin


    Some things never changes....




    Soon time to join the fun.

    1. Eagle


      Yeah, reporting rule breaks what a shocker.

    2. Saradomin


      @Eagle Not my point.    My point is said rule breaks in said areas.

  13. Saradomin


    wow this place is alive again?





  14. @Cocomii made me log on. Probs wont be very active but on every now and then. Hi. Also, happy to see beta actually got released.... See you guys in chernarus.
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