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  1. During my stay in Chernarus I got to know a lot of people and I met one of my best friends. Viktor was a bit of a strange bird, but a guy you can rely on. He taught me to hunt and showed me the way in Chernarus. Thought me a little bit of Chernarussian so that I could get by in the town of Svetlojarsk. Svetlojarsk was the town where I stayed in the Northeast of Chernarus. A beautiful harbor town with a beautiful view over the Green Sea. How we laughed there on the beach. Nice parties and good conversations. As I said, Viktor has become one of my best friends. Viktor told me everything about the civil war in 2009 and that his father died during this short but fierce war. And how it all changed under Lopotev's strict regime. The parties on the beach were actually not allowed and therefore illegal, but there had to be a party every now and then. We were young and reckless and we needed this. The nature and ultimate tranquility of Svetlojarsk did me good, but as I stayed there longer I felt oppression and the fear of the inhabitants. A lot had happened and you could feel it even though it was not spoken. 6 months after my stay, I returned to the Netherlands. The cultural difference was too great for me and because my Dutch directness was not always appreciated, I started to miss the Netherlands very much. I had gained enough inspiration and written a lot. It was time to release my first book.
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