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  1. Glyn Pardoe is an American man, fifty two years of age, He describes himself as a good man who has endured some tough times. Born, raised and educated in Bangor, Maine, Glyn is an avid reader and lover of the great outdoors, He is a keen fisherman but is not a hunter except when he is sourcing food. Glyn left school after graduating and immediatley enlisted with the military, joing the US Navy. He spent 22 years with the Navy before leaving at the rank of Master chief petty officer, well liked by enlisted men and his superiors Glyn loved his career with the navy. Upon leaving the military, Glyn took several odd jobs including security work, labouring and even as a librarians aide at a school in his home town but the call of the sea was too much to resist and he jumped at a chance to join the merchant navy, once again travelling the worlds oceans and visiting ports in countries all over the planet. Disaster struck when the ship was anchored off the coast of Chernarus,a ferocious flu, or so he thought, struck the ship. A disease like that rapidly spread throught the crew leaving only Glyn alive with no Symptoms, however when his sickly crewmates attempted to attack him, Glyn escaped the ship in one of the small life boats and headed for the shore of this unknown country. His first task was to find food,water and shelter and then to find help from wherever he could find it but would he be allowed to stay here, as an American outsider with no language skills this would not be any easy thing to accomplish
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