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  1. Daphne came from the east coast of the US (living in multiple states as she was a travelling lab tech) and started this trip both as for a sense of adventure and maybe to get into some trouble after her house in Virginia burned down suddenly a few years ago. She lost everything she didn't have on her in that instant and with that she decided to flee away from everything she knew. She was a science teacher for 3rd grade students (kids weren't really her thing but she wanted to try something new) for a few years before she left and before that had worked in a research lab for a large corporation based in England. She worked on various microbiological tests as well as testing animal subjects, which she tries not to think too much about. Daphne loves to joke around though she can be a little distractible as her memory and since of direction need some improvement. She has been backpacking across Europe and into the danger zone, hoping to get close and closer to something she hopes is very interesting. Her hobbies before were watercolor painting, video gaming on the go, and spelunking. She likes to carry around her set of water colors and her now dead Gameboy Advance and if she finds herself in a peaceful enough spot, likes to sit and paint. She met her new companion Don at the hospital in Cherno as she was searching for supplies and helped patch him up as he had a gash in his back and seemed a little worse for wear. Since then they have decided to team up as medics and try to help people in the area that they might come across in the future as well as team up to figure out what is going on with the zombie virus.
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