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  1. Welcome, I am sure you will love it! I am absolutely loving it so far! See you in game, good luck with your whitelist!
  2. BonkyBonk


    Thank you all for the warm welcome! I hope to begin a good loner hunter style of roleplay and I think it'll be quite fun!
  3. BonkyBonk


    Hello all! Just hit the 5 hour mark on the server and have already met some awesome people. I'm looking forward to seeing where my story will take me, and the wonderful people I will meet along the way. I am very interested in learning about how factions and smaller groups are created and destroyed, and how that dynamic works within the community. My guess is that its pretty fluid and on the fly, but I am not sure! So far I am loving being here and will be here for quite some time. Thank you! ~D
  4. Growing up on the east coast of the US, Patrick was around weapons and was taught at an early age how to maintain things around the home. His father would often take him hunting on the weekends, teaching him the ins and outs of tracking and stalking his prey through the woods around his farm. As he grew older he would take these lessons to heart, finding he enjoys living off the land and limits his trips into the city. Feeling freer and more in tune with the nature around him, he would often take trips around the country for hunting, fishing, and hiking opportunities. On a particular trip to a place, his friends recommended things took a turn for the worst, large amounts of civil unrest began impeding his taxi on his way to a plot of land he had reserved for a hunting trip. It seems the country has ground to a halt the populace has gone mad and he is starting to see more and more of a military presence. Keeping a low profile he slowly makes his way, finding what limited transport he can and sets up camp at the foot of the black mountains. Away from the world in his own hideaway, the time flies as he now must use his life long skills he's developed to survive in an unfamiliar and unforgiving landscape.
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