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  1. My name is Igor Uvarov, i was born in the city of Svetlojarks.As a child i was mostly left to my own devices, my parents met their fate early in my life.I grew up in an orphanage.After i left school behind and reached adulthood, the only path i considered was the military.Shortly after i joined i discovered i was very good at close combat.A served in harsh combat zones, my survival training prooved to be extremly valuabe.I learned how to survive in the woods, war torn urban environments.My first kill left a great mark on me, but many followed and i gave up counting.My superiors were impressed with me and for a while i got my promotions in a steady manor.I was selected into a special brench witch has, or at least had wolrdwide recognition.The specnaz.I spent a decade whith the toughest people the great Russia had to offer.After the worlds empires collapsed into oblivion, i was left unphased.The most iportant thing i leared in the force was to keep going or die trying.So i will keep going.I know not what my future holds for me, but i do know not to stop, exept maybe for the occasional drink.I will do anything as long as someone has the coin to pay me.
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