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  1. Styyg

    Hey there!

    Hey there guys! Nice to meet all of you! Looking forward to hopping in and hopefully meeting all of you in the crazy world of Chernarus!
  2. Nathaniel Grimrsson, was born in Tipperary Ireland to a loving Catholic family. Born to a Family of Farmers, Daily life around the house was full of Manual labor, Chores and looking after the livestock. His father ran a Dairy produce farm, and so had many heads of cattle to look after. Nathaniel was good at looking after the livestock, he handled animals well and was as patient as they come when taking care of them, Even going so far as to look after the neighboring farmers sheep every now and then, Much to the dismay of his father, who didn't much like the neighbor. Growing up in rural Ireland was a very secluded experience, Taught by catholic priests in schools segregated by gender, he always was a bit socially awkward, Once he hit Secondary school, Things changed for the better! That's where he met his sweetheart, Dani. After a long six more years he was finished in his schooling life. Never making many friends, nor enemies, he was completely average, but after all, he only needed Dani. After getting a Secondary school education he returned to the farm and took up working on the farm as a more permanent farmhand, and after a few years, asked Dani to marry him. Fortunately she said yes, and together they moved in to a small house his father had built with him on the farm. Many more years went by, and it happened. A freak accident involving one of the breeding bulls, Broke through a barrier and the barrier exploded off the fence that was holding it, Shards of metal and debris flew through the air, Lacerating Nathaniel's right arm and severing the throat of Dani. After this, Nathaniel couldn't stand to be around the farm any longer. Once the funeral was sorted, he left. Saying his goodbyes to his family, he got on a fishing trawler and never returned. He would send regular postcards back home to keep in touch with his family whenever they hit a port, The ship captain never liked staying in one port too long, Mentioned something about complacency and falling into a regime being an issue for him or something. Nathaniel didn't care, the further away from that farm he was, the better he would feel. The last haul wasn't the greatest, captain said he hopes they have enough fuel for the next stop, Guess we'll have to find out. I think it was Chernogorsk?
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