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  1. Aberration

    To any Chernarussian loyalists *82.7 - open frequency*

    *Summers would grab the device from one of the Nationalist Extremist corpses after cracking open some cold ones with the boys and hear the familiar voice crackle over the radio, He would frown hearing the mans contempt for all foreigners and repress his gag reflex as he looked away from the corpse quickly then speak into the device* "You're the guy my girl and I ran into into at Turovo yeah? One we offered some supplies and some shit to. Well theres quite a few nationalists. You got boys like the President who want the country to be in control of Chernarussians without the exile of all the Foreigners... And then you got these enemigos who are ahhh....El dead? Yeah fuck it sounds it. These dudeskirinos were pretty bad. Id suggest picking the right side of things seeing as you were a chill amigo from our short encounter" *He would toss the radio onto the corpse once again after noting the frequency and tune his own radio to the channel to wait for a reply*
  2. Aberration

    Bad Attitude in Hostile Situations?

    I did do something to his character, I shot him for mouthing off many times. Its the apocalypse not a safe space.
  3. Aberration

    Bad Attitude in Hostile Situations?

    Little was done to get him to stop other then threatening to end his life. You make death seem super trivial because we all re spawn and go to the coast. This is the mentality that got him killed. Knowing death isnt going to matter bc you go to the coast.
  4. Aberration

    Bad Attitude in Hostile Situations?

    Did you watch the video? We gave pretty good RP and received little in return. The issue of it being dragged out was because we had to walk from Kab piano to NWAF pub rather than jog. Which was Para and Hopes idea as seen in the video which is the main source of it being dragged out. I didnt use rights just "Given to me" As I was dedicated to the entire 40 minutes of RP with them despite the obvious OOC attitude leaking IC.
  5. Aberration

    Bad Attitude in Hostile Situations?

    You didnt report phoenix. You reported me. So its between you and I. This is a load of shit seeing as how is she going to talk about dropping the report if shes not reported. You tossed it up on me trying to get a lil revenge and we both know it lmao. Tell plank +1 for the meme that im sure you had nothing to do with. Maybe if you listened to her and I IC she would have listened to you OOC but I see that you prioritize the latter based on the roleplay I was given. The fact you and Hope actually called Phoenix's behavior unfitting for a mentor in the report is hypocritical given the quality of RP given to me by a long time RPer and a Moderator.
  6. Aberration

    Community Rules Break

    -User was warned for this post!-
  7. Aberration

    I've been here for 4 days now and..

    Welcome to the community @SEArecon I see @Dusty @Rebel Pado and Master of cold ones @Flash have welcomed you to this community already and I @Aberration would like to also wish you the best
  8. Aberration

    Where is Everyone From?

    Just because I sound like an autistic mix between an Aussie and a brit doesnt mean im not from Boston
  9. Aberration

    The Marshal's Mind

  10. Aberration

    What's your worst or best memory on DayZRP?

  11. Aberration

    S1: RDM / Ruleplay. NWAF Pub, 23:51 server time.

    1. My FAL to your head and threats should have let you know you were indeed my hostage 2. Im your hostage taker. The boi with the gun, Course i can shit talk you??? I mean you could try to kill me for talking shit but youd be rushin my ass with your fists. 3. Because as I said IC if you were paying attention to the RP over poking Phoenix about how much you hated being held for an hour That I run with Phoenix and PAU which is even seen in the video as I stop to share a cold one with them in Kab. By the way you say "Weve been captive for an hour" in a poke. So you did know you were hostage before even getting iced so dont pull that shit 4. I pointed a gun at you and threatened you and made demands. You think im looking through my ACOG to see you closer from 2 meters? 5. My inchar vocab is that of a stoner who barely passed highschool thank you for noticing my vocab. It wouldve been lit if you did more than back talk me really feels like you're clutching to get a ban here. You didnt even attempt to speak to me just tossed up a report. You down with having phoenix called out for shit she did with the mentor badge yet you are juicing for a ban on me and jabbin at my RP? 6. The RP lasted an hour because you were very insistent on RP walking the entire way to the location. This is something you argue for ICly. The majority of the time we interact is during the walk from kab to the pub, During which you back talked consistently. Had we jogged quicker then it'd be shorter and maybe you wouldn't have been as mouthy given we would've finished up quicker. 7. These are both from the exact same post from you, These also both contradict each other so please make up your mind as it seems like you are just trying to get me banned seeing as we never spoke about the report before you posted it. You admitted the RP was good, the invalid initiation accusations were false and proven so almost immediately and the only thing you are pushing for is me getting a three day for executing a mouthy hostage. 18 hours ago, Para said:
  12. Aberration

    S1: RDM / Ruleplay. NWAF Pub, 23:51 server time.

    Man Its called RP. You want the girl to say in VOIP "You are my hostage despite my actions, My friend here was in 500 meters of you when you get robbed." Course shes gonna say she saved you to let you know you saved from the angel of death Flash and you safer with us. Which I remind you in game by the way. You were FULL aware you were a hostage. Initiation was valid as well as I am PAU.
  13. Aberration

    S1: RDM / Ruleplay. NWAF Pub, 23:51 server time.

    Hello I am Luke Summers and this is my story I was with my amigos near Kab and we initiate on Hope and Para because several of our members had previous hostilities with Hope and wished to capture her for some role play. Throughout this ordeal I am sat in a house in Kabanino mainly running perimeter and just watching out for my boiz as one does. Eventually Phoenix comes over and spares Hope from a situation that likely would have ended in her death and I roll with Phoenix to take the two hostages. Throughout the arduous journey Para continues to be mouthy to Hope and myself and I tell him to stop mouthing of stop back talking and pointing my gun at him and demanding he cuts the shit out throughout the hour of roleplay. Of which apparently the OP thought was good so I honestly do not see what this report is about other than potentially just salt as evidenced by the Pokes Phoenix received which show a highly negative and poor attitude throughout the session. Eventually the RP stagnates and Para and hope essentially say they know nothing and Para continues to mouth off. He eventually gets mouthy towards me while my gun is on him and says something along the lines of "You're full of shit if you say you dont like killing people" I respond with "U rite u rite" and he is sent on a vacation to the lovely chernarussian coast.
  14. Aberration

    S1: RDM / Ruleplay. NWAF Pub, 23:51 server time.

    In game with the Boiz. Will post Pov Soon. Invalid initiation=Me being in group that initiated on you originally. Im a PAU memeber and Phoenix didnt ice you. I did
  15. Aberration

    Looking for people interested in US military RP

    Both. Currently there is a lose group of scattered forces who were not same unit grouping up as a dynamic. Post lorewipe itll likely bigger group and official CP.