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  1. *Summers would grab the device from one of the Nationalist Extremist corpses after cracking open some cold ones with the boys and hear the familiar voice crackle over the radio, He would frown hearing the mans contempt for all foreigners and repress his gag reflex as he looked away from the corpse quickly then speak into the device* "You're the guy my girl and I ran into into at Turovo yeah? One we offered some supplies and some shit to. Well theres quite a few nationalists. You got boys like the President who want the country to be in control of Chernarussians without the exile of all the Foreigners... And then you got these enemigos who are ahhh....El dead? Yeah fuck it sounds it. These dudeskirinos were pretty bad. Id suggest picking the right side of things seeing as you were a chill amigo from our short encounter" *He would toss the radio onto the corpse once again after noting the frequency and tune his own radio to the channel to wait for a reply*
  2. That Avatar is haunting tbh.

    1. A Foul Goblin

      A Foul Goblin

      the prophecy was trueeeee

  3. I did do something to his character, I shot him for mouthing off many times. Its the apocalypse not a safe space.
  4. Little was done to get him to stop other then threatening to end his life. You make death seem super trivial because we all re spawn and go to the coast. This is the mentality that got him killed. Knowing death isnt going to matter bc you go to the coast.
  5. Did you watch the video? We gave pretty good RP and received little in return. The issue of it being dragged out was because we had to walk from Kab piano to NWAF pub rather than jog. Which was Para and Hopes idea as seen in the video which is the main source of it being dragged out. I didnt use rights just "Given to me" As I was dedicated to the entire 40 minutes of RP with them despite the obvious OOC attitude leaking IC.
  6. You didnt report phoenix. You reported me. So its between you and I. This is a load of shit seeing as how is she going to talk about dropping the report if shes not reported. You tossed it up on me trying to get a lil revenge and we both know it lmao. Tell plank +1 for the meme that im sure you had nothing to do with. Maybe if you listened to her and I IC she would have listened to you OOC but I see that you prioritize the latter based on the roleplay I was given. The fact you and Hope actually called Phoenix's behavior unfitting for a mentor in the report is hypocritical given the quality of RP given to me by a long time RPer and a Moderator.
  7. -User was warned for this post!-
  8. tumblr_inline_ogi48jvUou1ty3ovg_500.gif

    1. A Foul Goblin

      A Foul Goblin

      what up what up what up what up


  9. Man you fuckin pub server Rper

    1. Dustemane


      I agree

    2. A Foul Goblin

      A Foul Goblin



    3. A Foul Goblin

      A Foul Goblin


    4. Dustemane



  10. This nibba getting Rise against stuck in my head


    1. Brayces



    2. Brayces



    3. Brayces



  11. Welcome to the community @SEArecon I see @Dusty @Rebel Pado and Master of cold ones @Flash have welcomed you to this community already and I @Aberration would like to also wish you the best
  12. Just because I sound like an autistic mix between an Aussie and a brit doesnt mean im not from Boston
  13. Enjoy your two day break Randle during your time I suggest you read over the rules. Also as an ex staff member and mentor I believe you should know better. Honestly disgusting behavior

  14. This man so deadly he can kill nibbas with his mind even if his hands are up. Definite threat imo

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