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  1. *Luke would hear the sophisticated radio chatter and grab his own device which was poorly maintained, Silver duct tape being the only item holding the d volt battery in place, he would depress the PT wishing to be a cool cucumber on the radio chatter* "Uh... This is..." *Muffled chatter between Luke and a young girl could be heard debating "What should my dank call sign be?" Eventually the muffled speaking ceases and a deep inhale is heard "This is Foxtrot Alpha Golf uhh I am... Affitmativerino- I mean, Uh Oscar mike sir! Liquid copy on uh, Red rider range! How umm copy!" *The muffled chatter would once again resume as Luke and the girl debated him sounding like a complete dumbass before the privates radio went silent*
  2. Cheers to @Aristocratfor the stellar RP. Always enjoy speaking to you and your companions on Luke! Always leads to amazing conversations
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    Happy birthday, Best GM 2014 even though half my warning points prob came from flaming SVR.

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  3. You just made me want to make my char a Fidget spinner world champion post wipe now. See you IG.
  4. Luke inhaled deeply before pulling up his facemask, feeling the cold night air nipping at his exposed skin, The vapor of his breath still feintly visible through the fabric. He would remain low to the ground knowing the rifle trained on his back could erase him from existence in the blink of an eye and his Sarge would never find him again and Carolina would starve, he reached his hand down to his pocket grabbing a roll of bandages. Crawling through the dense brush in the night all he heard were the thumps of the footsteps of the men behind him, the hushed rustling of the brush and the rapid beating of his heart. He would keep the bandages tightly wrapped in one hand and his rifle in the other as he continued to crawl to the base of a tall pine at the top of the incline overlooking the valley. "Alright Soldier boy, You know the deal. You post up with Mr. Jack up here and when he gives you a target you aim. When he gives you the command you fire. If not then you know damn well what happens. Understood?" Luke would freeze up, his fingers locked up around his rifle and the bandages, the adrenaline being pumped throughout his body made him nauseous as his heart pounded away like a snare drum. He would eventually overpower the surge of fear and guilt flowing through him and simply nod to the man, his whole body shuddering from anxiety. "Good, Alright, Jack you post up behind him. Rest of you head with me, Approach from the west side. Our targets are on the north west side." The group of armed men continued on leaving just the two men in the trees. The momentary calm would be interrupted by Jack as he abruptly grabbed Luke by the shoulder and pressed the barrel of his sidearm into Luke's head "Shoulder your rifle G.I, C'mon don't act like you haven't done this shit before. Line your cross hair on the one in blues center mass, little to the right, hopefully you'll take the shit heads heart out, if not well then pull the bolt back and finish the job. Unless you get off on suffering, Wouldn't blame you" Luke would shift his scope onto the target, immediately he would feel bile rise up into his throat, the burning sensation from the caustic fluid lingered. His crosshair was dead on a kid, looking no older then 15 and unarmed. He would try to pull his head away from the scope backward but within seconds he felt the cold metal of a barrel pressing into his neck. "You or the kid fuckwitt. You're choice. Keep aiming Ill tell you when to fire. Or Im just going to cap you and have your fishy here for breakfast. Understand?" Luke would move his head forward looking back into the scope, his teeth chattered and he wanted to scream, he took the roll of bandages in his hand and placed them into his mouth underneath the face mask to prevent Jack from seeing. He'd then bite down hard to prevent himself from crying out. His heart pounded in his chest like it were trying to break out and escape this nightmare. The trees rustled soothingly in the wind only interrupted by his shallow panicked breathing. "Alright dumbass, Get ready shits about to kick off, When you see the rifles get raised then you pull the trigger the second I say." Luke felt utter terror crash over him like an inescapable wave, he was paralyzed. His fingers felt frozen to his rifle, his joints locked up, he couldn't even work up the willpower to take a breath. Panicked thoughts raced through his head like lightning What if they kill me anyways What would Sarge do? If I don't Carolina dies and so do I. Its a fucking kid, I cant What if- Lukes thoughts were abruptly silenced by the sounds of distant shouting as the armed men raised their rifles at the group of survivors with the child. They looked malnourished,their ribcages could be seen underneath their scarred grimy skin while the others looked sickly or dying. "Time to put your rifle to work Marine boy." He remained frozen solid and simply gazed through the scope, the sounds of gunfire began to reverberate throughout the valley. He closed his eyes and exhaled, the vapor rising above the brush, he slowly eased his finger onto the trigger, a single shot rang out from his rifle. He felt the vibrations from the recoil radiate through his body and dread filled him entirely. "You fucking missed, You worthless fucking-" A second shot rang out this time it came from the eastern treeline, the sound was like a clipboard being snapped in half over his head and was followed by a sickening wet thud almost immediately behind him. He shakily looked back over his shoulder to see Jack staring down at a hole in his stomach spurting blood, he fell onto his back and began writhing out in agony, screaming for his men to save him. "You Useless fuck!" He'd raise his pistol at Luke but began coughing up blood loosening his grip on the handgun as he looked at his wound. Luke felt the adrenaline surge as he quickly drove his booth into Jack's teeth causing him to release his grip on the pistol. Luke would hastily scoop up the pistol and throw it into the dark forest "When my boys get back... you're fucking dead..." Luke would close his eyes and pull the bolt back on his carbine, cycling the round and pushing it forwards training it dead center on Jack's forehead and squeeze the trigger. When he opened his eyes Jack's right eye would now be nothing but a gaping hole, leaking blood and grey matter. Luke felt utter horror and collapsed to his knees letting the bandage roll from his mouth "Fuck Fuck Fuck Not good not good. Jesus fucking christ." He could feel the bile rise up once again but couldn't hold it back, he quickly pulled his mask off and began vomiting on himself and the ground. Tears filled his eyes as he shook uncontrollably. "It'll be ok, It'll be ok. Your guys will fix you up. Im not a killer." He would stare at the corpse in front of him, still in complete shock, he'd look at the ground and spot a fragment of the mans skull and try placing it back into the gaping hole, the brain matter staining his gloves causing him to drop the fragment and vomit all over himself once again. "Im Sorry! Im sorry fuck! Oh god I didn't mean to. You'll be ok. It was a mistake." The sounds of distant footsteps approaching him snapped him out of his panicked state, he'd wipe the tears from his eyes and the vomit from his mouth and look down at the corpse. The stench of sweat and bile would fill his nostrils, his throat burning and his mouth felt like it was full of cotton. He would mutter out in a meek tone to himself "Fucking calm down. Calm down... It was him or me, He was gonna kill the kid... Im not a murderer..." He would pick up his rifle and pull his mask back on, grabbing a water bottle from the man and pouring the contents on himself to wash off as much blood and bile possible in the brief few seconds he had before shouldering his rifle and rushing off into the night, leaving the sounds of frantic shouting and footsteps behind him and sprinting as far as he could eventually collapsing from exhaustion in a feedshack and remaining curled up in the small wooden structure until daybreak.
  5. Shit talk infected in VOIP or walk through the forests and RP with peoples bases I find.
  6. You have to also consider certain masks not being able to fit with certain things and like Smersh is able to fit on with other bags, Also if something is worn damaged badly damaged and ruined it looks different. Theres an ungodly amount of combos. But not all of those are gonna look good most will be mishmashes and terrible looking that'll getcha seen from 8 miles out lol.
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    "There's no need to provide any evidence. It's like saying 9/11 was an inside job. It's not a publicly admitted truth but it's the truth nonetheless. A fact"


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      He was exposing the lies compadre! Rolle is actually a lizard overlord and we are being brainwashed to let the admins attack the middle east!

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  8. I find this incredibly helpful for playing a character to be honest, Taking stories you lived and experiences you've had making them fit on your character. I couldn't relate to Stitches at all. I had little to no similarities to him and while its interesting to play something extremely different then yourself it feels odd and a lot less natural. On my new character Ive incorporated stories and experiences from my life into my char and the RP is much more fluid and natural feeling. It makes it feel real too as its something thats believable primarily because its based on something that genuinely did happen in reality.
  9. @The Marshal was driving a truck we just borrowed from a very hostile location, drives us for 5 mins before smashing right into a wall and goes silent save a "Oh" sound. About a minute later "... I was reaching for a poptart"
  10. Dank Roster and Dank Graphics. Good luck guys Im always down to hop on my other alt and run dynamic again
  11. *He would take a hit from his makeshift gas mask bong listening to the conversation on the radio he'd hear the dank threats be uttered over the frequency, as the dudeskis spoke confidently behind their devices . Then he would reach out and grab his radio himself, he'd cough into the radio from the dank marijuana and speak* "Oh shit dudes, Its like family feud. Except like... the broskis are actually feuding and theres no trivia. So like... I dunno maybe some spooky version of it. You guys should totally do like a fuckin WWE thing. Have like family members pitted against each other and shit. That creepy german kid can be the undertaker and Ill see if I can get my sergeant on board he'd be a fuckin lit Cena. That Boris dude can be Rusev. Ah dude that'd be fuckin amazing. I heard there was like a boxing tournament maybe those guys can promote this shit!" *Hed release the PTT resting the device on a nearby stump as he ran his fingers through the grass and took another hit from the mask bong*
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    Whoever owns the single military tent in the trees west of the destroyed convoy between Nagronoe and Stary yar on S1 thank you for the sexy Camoflauge CR Carbine with mag and hunting scope. I promise I will also let Anybody know about the red barrel you have hidden in the pine tree you're able to see on your left in a pine tree near debug but closer to the convoy when exiting the tent facing the convoy/east.

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      I promise I won't let anyone know* Oops past Stitches didn't get the memo