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  1. Lucius


  2. Lucius

    PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Official Discussion Thread

    I actually would add @Dom Is Dead as one of our god-like allies. Our trio is destined for greatness.
  3. Lucius

    PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Official Discussion Thread

    I would like to prove you wrong on this statement of #FakeNews
  4. Lucius

    PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Official Discussion Thread

    me and @Shane Is Dead are gods, bring us shroud and doc
  5. Lucius

    XXXTentacion Appreciation Thread

  6. Lucius

    [GAME] First thing that comes to your mind of the person above you.

    my favorite spice girl
  7. Lucius

    Fallout 76 Thread

    Todd just revealed that the game has no singleplayer mode, but there will most likely be PvE servers for those who dont want to be attacked by other players.
  8. Lucius

    Fallout 76 Thread

    From someone who has played every fallout game in existence. (Even the Van Buren FO3) I can say that I am actually hyped for this game. There has been mods for FO3 and New Vegas where multiplayer has been tested in a co-op sense. The negativity that this game is receiving seems unwarranted because many Fallout fans have been dreaming of this for years. The idea of playing with my friends in the Fallout universe is so awesome to me. I understand people's concerns in the whole #SavePlayerOne thing, but Todd did say you can play the game solo. I think it is a good risk that bethesda is taking, and I hope people understand that Fallout is not "ruined" over one small side project that is for fun.
  9. Lucius

    Dorito Chip Appreciation Thread

    Post a pic of your favorite Dorito chip
  10. Lucius

    Jamie Appreciation Thread

    nice boyo he is
  11. Lucius

    Fallout 76 Thread

    if it is an MMORPG, i won't be mad. ESO is actually enjoyable now since it has made massive changes. People are scared for Fallout to become an mmo, but Interplay was trying to release one after Fallout 3 came out. Only reason it never happened is because the license went to Bethesda. I maybe the only one interested in a Fallout MMO, but its something I have wanted for a while.
  12. Lucius

    Battlefield V

    2018, the year of the Mary Sue sigh
  13. Lucius

    Dayz mobile

    do we really need a dead mobile game?
  14. Lucius

    Official Escape From Tarkov Thread

    litty, gotta upgrade my ram doh
  15. Lucius

    Juggs is here! And here to stay!

    welcome back