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      I saw this :(, rip.

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  3. Lucius

    Lucius the tank

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  4. Lucius

    What you see when you enter the gates of hell


  5. Lucius

    Lil peep met with Eternal sleep

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      you're the chosen one

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      Rip in peep

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    Public enemy number one

  7. Lights Hope WoW - Elysium [Vanilla WoW]

    I have been playing on Warmane's Outland TBC Server lately. Really waiting for Blizzard to release the classic servers at this point, so I do not have to be afraid of a server shutting down and losing everything. Plus what happened at Elysium was a huge meme and I feel bad that Nostalrius even gave their client to those folks.
  8. Lucius

    idk ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  9. Bodi Skilsky

    Bodi was born in Kiev, Ukraine and did not support Russian rule so he joined the People's army of Ukraine and went to Chernarus with Captain Adrian Turov to meet up with a friend of his leader Petr Dukov. When he got there he realized the infection was ripe and was unable to leave due to the VDV's foothold of the country, he had to stay to support his Captain while he was recruiting for the PAU, and protect the president. As he moved to Chernarus he had to deal with the infection, the loss of some of his friends, and the other groups trying to fight against them.
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    I'll take a supporter lifetime please.

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    1 Israeli, 25 Asians in squads, 1 chicken dinner @Pep

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      winner winner chicken


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  12. Battle for Azeroth

    +1, although, I am glad that they are at least going back to Alliance vs. Horde instead of this working together stuff. The trailer was pretty dope as well!