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  1. Tarif Al-Qahanti

    Zargabad was such a busy city, everyday, merchants and farmers came to the city to make at least a decent amount of profit. My father was a well-known merchant who would sell his misc. wares to those who carried interest. He sold from car parts to home-grown food, and we would make almost enough money to feed our family for the next week. In the coming months, things began to get quite difficult in Takistan. Merchants were having a hard time finding new and unique items to sell and food began to become hard to grow because of a local drought in the area. At nights, me and friends would sneak out of our homes and head of town towards the mountains where we met with a local group vigilantes who fought for the side of Allah. At first, I did not believe in the group's concepts, but I began to trust in their logic when the own Takistani government began raising taxes upon the civilians. I decided to become a warrior for Allah once panic and frustration began to arise around Takistan and its neighboring country of Chernarus. Rumors of a sickness had arose, and many of us believed it was Allah punishing those who have brought evil upon our world. As I became more confident on the matter, I decided to help my fellow companions in a mission to help Allah cleanse the world of those who have brought evil upon the world. A new beginning would soon be brought upon the world once we cleansed it of its darkness.
  2. This is the official PlayerUnkown's Battlegrounds thread! DayZRP users who play the game can post stats, ask for tips, and ask for teammates on this thread! Basically anything to do with the game can be posted here! This is my best game in Solos so far
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