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  1. *Benny hears the sound of another human voice over the radio. His eyes light up and he begins to weep with excitement* "Oh merci, mon dieu!" *He quickly composes himself and presses his PTT again* "My name is Benjamin Dubonet. I've been in Miroslavl the last few months. There's nothing left. It's a nightmare down there. I managed to make it out....barely...found myself here in South Zagoria. Figured I'd head for the border. Is there anywhere left that's safe?"
  2. *static crackles as the radio begins transmitting* *a man is heard over the radio, his voice sounds exhausted and desperate, he has a mild French accent* "Allo? Can anyone hear me? Is there anyone left?" *the channel goes silent for a brief moment, before crackling back to life* *a sharp, but muffled sigh of frustration is briefly heard before he repeats his questions again, this time in fluent Russian* "Привет? Кто-нибудь слышит меня? Кто-нибудь остался?"
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    Hey y'all! The name is Ben, but most people call me Benny! Just joined the community and wanted to say hello! Looking forward to RPing with y'all soon!
  4. Dubonet grew up just outside Bordeaux, in France. He spent his early 20s living in Southern California, where he met his wife and got married. They were living in Paris during the outbreak. While under quarantine from the frenzied flu with his wife and two daughters, his family contracted the flu. He was immune to the disease, but the others weren't. When the city fell into chaos, he managed to escape with a handful of other survivors and they began to head east in search of a cure. They were met with hostility at the German border, when a group of bandits attacked, killing everyone but Benny and another survivor. Eventually Benny was the only one left, and has since roamed alone across Eastern Europe.
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