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  1. Joseph Taylor “Joey” as he was referred to by his parents, was born in Denver Colorado on May 2nd, 1999. Joseph had a typical suburban middle-class upbringing with no obvious life changing events on the horizon other than college and an unexpected winter break trip to Chernarus. From 2018 to late 2019, Joseph attended classes at the University of Denver with his studies on Political Science. Joseph often found himself in deep thought about the intricacy of civics, politics and everything in between. He did not like the dirtiness of politics, but he understood its purpose. He was a quite guy with no intention of being a politician but had his eyes a career as a campaign manager for one of the local political parties. His political views were moderate in nature, neither swinging full left or right, but rather back and forth depending on the issue. In December of 2019, holiday break was here! It was time to have a good time with some friends and party, make regrettable mistakes, and be youthful and free. One late night Joseph and his best friend from college; Eli – while quite intoxicated at a house party – decided to purchase two plane tickets for a holiday vacation but didn’t realize it was to the country of Chernarus. Obviously, this was not the intended destination, but with some convincing from Eli to keep the tickets to this unexpected vacation spot, they started to prepare for their journey. On December 20th, 2019, their plane landed in Chernarus, just north of Chernogorsk. With a quick taxi ride south, Eli and Joseph arrived at their hotel, and promptly starting walking around the city to do some sightseeing. Luckily for both, there were quite a lot of western tourists that spoke English as well as locals who often had tourist-based businesses and spoke English enough to do basic communications. Joseph was getting more and more encouraged that this trip could turn out to be a unique and once in a lifetime trip. By May, it was growing clearer by the day that Joseph was not going to be able to leave and go back home to Denver, martial law was in full swing. By this time Eli and Joseph had been split up when Eli decided to leave the hotel a few weeks back and look for someone who could help them get out of Chernarus, but he never returned to the hotel. Now, Joseph is alone in Chernarus and is looking for his friend Eli, a way to survive society collapsing around him, hordes of violent infected, and a way home.
  2. Avery Hanson was born and raised in Kansas City, MO. His parents had a quaint bakery shop down the corner of their neighborhood that he worked at quite often throughout high school, teaching him the value of hard work and family. He had a good relationship with his parents, and was determined to one day carve his own path in life like his parents were able to do. This drive to succeed let Avery into a life of journalism. But not just any journalism, he volunteered to be a war journalist, documenting combat and riots around the world, recording all of it for the world to see. Since the death of Lopotev in Charnarus, Avery was assigned to the region given the political instability and potential for geopolitical conflict that may need reported on. With the countrywide shutdown in 2020, and the infection causing patients to become violent, Avery was not able to get out of Charnarus before lock down was in full affect. Now Avery finds himself in a foreign country he never believed he would be for any extended period of time, fighting for survivals, and fighting to expose the secrets needing exposed.
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