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  1. Damian Pis was born in Warsaw, Poland 1995.05.05 he had a loving family he grew up in a wealthy family his dad ran a large transport company that illegally transported cigarettes when Damian grew up at the age of 17 he started to help his dad and drove a truck with illegal cigarettes, he managed earn a lot of money after some time he was arrested by the police and he had very big problems after some time when Damian was arrested by the police, the police found his daddy's whole place with illegal cigarettes through these illegal cigarettes Damian was sent to prison for 2 years, he found a lot of friends in prison who said that they would help him when he got out of prison Damian was a person who did not have any problems in prison he made friends with everyone finally the day came when Damian left the prison he was very happy for this reason but when he returned home he did not find his dad there, which later found out his dad was murdered . he was very sad because of the bandits who stole a lot of illegal cigarettes, so he decided to take his two best friends and go to Chernarus to do a good business with cigarettes his friend owned an old BMW E30 1988 so they said that the next day they would be going to Chernarus, finally the day they were going to travel, it was then 2014 they packed up and went on a trip to chernarus when they got there rented a flat, after a few days of exploring the city they called to a friend of Damian's dad, and they started trading cigarettes anew, they manage this business until today they become very rich and have everything they want are very successful, Damian found a girl with whom he lives very well and is very happy Damian, after being with this girl for a year, broke up with her because she was stealing his money..
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