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  1. Hi! I am new to DayZRP, and was wondering what are some RP/Mod related things to help me survive in this new server?
  2. Brody Turgenev was born in East Bridgewater, Massachusetts. His parents though Adrian and Katina were born in a small fishing village, in a 'country' called Chernarus. They had to move since of the civil war going on between the Ethnic Socialist Russians and the Chernarussian Government. Brody had a good 10 years in the US, learning English and a little bit of Russian on the side, since his parents did not want him to lose touch with his roots. This all changed on November 17, 2012 when his grandfather's fishing company was in shambles, and with the fighting to seem at a all time low they call
  3. For anyone who is at the back of the line at 15-25 in the whitelist, I have a recommendation for you. The bronze edition for the server is about 5 dollars for USD, and you imeditally go to the front of the line. Personally, I went from 25 to 3 so for 5 dollars I would say it is worth it. For those who are skeptical because it's 5 dollars, you spent about 12 dollars of minimum wage time filling out the questions so why not. You could not it's really your choice, just voicing my experience.
  4. WalterTheDog

    Got him

    Damn I always have loved the Blazer, if you want a challenge bear is good game. I wouldn't recommend goat, they barely give you shite for the bullets you put in.
  5. If I am rejected from the Whitelist will I still be contacted?
  6. WalterTheDog

    Got him

    Damn nice kill! What caliber did you kill it with?
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