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  1. Alec Bishop is one of the five Special Forces soldiers from the government funded "Task Force 142". This group was originally founded out of Fort Banner by Simon Riley, an essential but practically unknown soldier who led numerous attacks behind enemy lines to prevent nuclear war and corruption. Bishop, alias name "Gambit", was primarily raised in beat down foster homes throughout his childhood and leading into his late teens. Eventually, Bishop tracked down his dead beat mother, Emilia Robertson, who he reconciled with. He came to find out about his twin brother, who was separated at birth. This is a sensitive, and important topic to Bishop as he strives to reunite with his blood as hard as he can. Moving on, Bishop gained a significant interest in the military when taking a ranger seminar at his high school. After speaking to an enlister, he joined the military as soon as he obtained his diploma in early 2012. Starting out as a scared but motivated soldier, Bishop was deployed to a NATO Military Outpost just outside of Takistan. This is due to the recent events that took place in Chernarus. Bishop trained vigorously throughout the months and found his way onboard the NATO Special Forces Task Force (S.F.T.F). This Is where he played a crucial position on gathering intel regarding the current political and militaristic situation in Chernarus. Bishop began to hear rumors of another U.S. Soldier gone rogue to the Russian Federation who went by the name of Lucas Sowles. Lucas shared similar facial, physical, and instinctive qualities to Alec. Who he would later confirm to be his long lost brother. Some time after the development of Task Force 142, the special operations team was given intel on Sowles last known location meeting with high ranking officers at Tisy Military Base. The mission given was to capture Sowles alive and perform an interrogation. En route to the rally point, the teams Blackbird got word on a potential pandemic outbreak sparking in Chernarus and spreading like wildfire. Taskforce was given orders to carry out their mission until communications went out essentially leaving them in the dark. Tragedy struck when weather became harsh initially causing the bird to crash land. Thought to be dead, the team abandoned Bishop leaving him to wake up in hostile territory alone and cold. This is the beginning of Bishops journey to get answers not only for himself but for the world. He struts along hoping to find clarity. Doing whatever it takes to find his team, his blood, and his way.
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