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  1. Levan Murtov was born in 19.02.1982 in Georgia, Batumi as a son of a doctor who was devoted his whole life helping the others. His father's overdevotion towards the poor, weak people made a divorce happen between his father and mother. After the divorce, Levan's father mentally collapses and the boy who seen his father like that , started to adopt misogynism but Levan's hatred towards woman never stopped him from being a kind and helpful person towards to the known folks around him. They even gave him "The Little Prophet" nickname for having those good traits. Before the first cases of infection, Levan and his father planned a trip to Turkey, Trabzon. They planned staying in Trabzon for 2 weeks but virus made them stay for more than they could predict. Georgia's sudden closing its borders with Turkey made them stay for 3 months in there after that they decided to travel from Trabzon to Chernarus and then Batumi. But unfortunately plane crashed on Chernarus. After the crash, Levan was the only one who survived, he could not even find his father's body to burry.
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