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  1. Garry came from living a life of petty crime in his previous life style. But an apocalypse quickly changed that. Garry currently lives life day to day as it comes, not knowing his next move until what ever opportunity presents itself. He found him self in chernarus when visiting the big city (Novigrad) before the out break. Post outbreak has been tough.. living a life of risk and danger. Garry has been on an endless journey to find a permanent place to call home that isnt completely over run with zombies. the search has went on some time and usually found run down places to rest for maybe 2 or 3 nights at a time before zombies caught scent and he was forced to pack up sticks yet again. his personal possessions include nothing more than a .22 to hunt small game for food and a revolver with limited ammo for sticky sticky situations self defence when needed and a knife along with a limited first aid kit to patch any wounds. His desire is nothing more than to find a safe haven with a small group to call home
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