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  2. What would feel like hours later... Blood. So much blood. Benjamin on the ground. Still. Next to him: two wolves. Still. Again, a rustle can be heard. Benjamin as if between the state of unconscious and awake hears something. His breathing shallow. His legs shrieking in torment. However, it not rustling as Benjamin would perceive... but his radio. "Those wolves can be a cruel fate, Benjamin. I don't know if you are alive or not, but if you are. Clean your wounds and find a way to cauterize it, I'm assuming you do not have any medical tools with you as it is, seeing as you are in the woods, look for the cabins out there, hunters have left incredible things behind when they rushed to get to safety... You might find something." Static and interference swarm over the voice leaving deafening pauses and little to be heard. Words permeate Benjamin's mind as he drifts between states of unconscious and awake again. "If you are anywhere near Berezino seek some sort company there, if I recall correctly then there is a veterinarian there who has through the time gotten better on humans than she was on animals... Agh, why do I even bother, most people meeting with wolves tend to be found a month later as nothing but a corpse, either wandering or dead in the ground. If you are alive Benjamin, then godspeed son, stay safe and stay alive, maybe we meet one day. Maybe we don't... Remember what I told you, the wolf always watches." Again, static engulfs the transmission. Bits and bits can be heard in Benjamin's state. Although, few words stand out and play in his mind like a carousel: cruel fate...alive...hunters...safety...find...most peopl...corpse...stay alive... Benjamin reaches for his chest. He pack strap where his radio would be... it is missing. He heard it near. His arm reaches around. It is hard to move. Above his head he reaches and feels the body of a lifeless animal. He hand reaches under the animal's neck... He pauses. It is his radio. He slowly moves the radio onto his chest. Benjamin is testing the PTT. "This better work," he thinks to himself. His breaths grow faint and he steadies his voice, "How unfortunate...," his voice trails off near the end. The radio seems broken. Blood is streaming down the side of his head and collecting in his ear. At this point, Benjamin falls into a very lucid state. The rain around him becomes hypnotic and he starts to hear the voice of his mother. He dreams as if he was back home in Montana and asleep in the living room of his parents home on their ranch. He is then awoken by a shout. Benjamin hears his brother Lyle exclaiming, "Let's go!" Benjamin's eyes now wide he hears those words, "...the wolf always watches." The radio goes silent. Benjamin tries again. The radio clicks, "See you soon...," Benjamin mutters. Benjamin looks around for his brother. He heard his voice, but yet there is no one there.
  3. An repetitive crackle on the radio, but not Morse code, Benjamin exhaustingly tries to get his radio to broadcast. "I wonder if...," a sudden silence followed abruptly by, "...nally, I think this is working. Hello? Hello? Sorry...," sudden dead air. "This fuckin' thing! Hello? If you can hear this I made my way to Berezino. I tried the Black Forest, but to no luck. I figured I'd best try..." Benjamin silences himself as he hears a rustle nearby. With his finger still engaged on the PTT button he goes low to the ground and studies over his surroundings. With his finger released he grabs at his pack behind him. The faulty PPT is still engaged. Benjamin speaks to himself in a hush, "Ah, shit... what was that?" A faint tremble is his voice. He fumbles for his knife; his gun a quick second option - if needed... "Holy fuck, buddy, what are you doing here?" His voice goes low as if to exert some form of dominance. "Just take it easy now," his voice, now unsettled but tries to make it as calm as he can. Nothing is heard from whom Benjamin is speaking with in the woods. "Listen, I don't want any trouble... uh, (w)olf, so let's just take it easy..." All of sudden a thrashing scuffle is heard over the radio. A struggle, rather an attack can clearly be heard. Benjamin screams, "GET THE FUCK OFF OF ME! AAAGGGH!" A ferocious growl can be made out that melts with the cries of a man. The echoing static of the radio shifts between silence and the sounds of horror. Then, dead silence. The transmission ceases and nothing else can be heard.
  4. **Benjamin fiddles with the stubborn radio** "Hello? Is this thi..." *radio clicks on* "...ng working right? Son of a bi..." *radio clicks off* **Benjamin aggravatedly fiddles some more while muttering to himself** "This thing is a driving me bonkers. *grumbles* Why won't it...? Ah, there we go!" **Benjamin believes he has the radio working correctly now** "Hello? This is Benjamin. I was hoping to catch wind of a young lady I mets about the other day..." **Benjamin suddenly hears a voice output over the radio. Suddenly, it dawns on him that there ain't no why he was being heard** **Benjamin tightens his jaw** "WHY THIS DAMN THING!" **Benjamin flusters** **Benjamin smashes down the PTT and realizes it may finally have taken hold** *radio clicks on* "Hello! This Benjamin. I am trying to reach out to a Miss Foster (@Evin Foster). I believe I have something you may have been interested in getting your hands on. I'll be on the line for a bit. Made my way back through Zeleno again. Fire back a message if you get this." **Benjamin realizes there was no channel static on release this time and smacks the side of the radio** *radio clicks off* "I'm gonna need to tend to this frickin' thing its all cadywompus."
  5. I spent a good amount of time with @Evin Foster and let me just say this: I so, so, so thoroughly enjoyed the text-based RP! I don't know how they type that fast and play, but it was astounding the amount of detail in their words. It added such emotion and really painted a picture as to how their character was acting.
  6. **Turns on radio** "Uh.. He.. Hello... Hello this is Benjamin... umm I was looking for a group. Ya know, not to join or anything. I mean, I am probably sure you have a great group. I just don't feel... I mean... I don't think I am too good for your grou... ::deep sigh:: Listen, I need some things. Well, one thing, multiple of that one thing. If you hear this transmission I would appreciate meeting up with you Hunters, er The Hunters. Uhm, that is all. Salutations!" **Radio PTT button still sticks** **Benjamin to himself** "SALUTATIONS!? What the hell was that? You sounded like a goon! Ugh, man. Yeah, great first... Shit!? **Benjamin frantically turns off radio**
  7. Just finished creating my character and about to hop in the server for the first time. I'm stoked! **edit** Well, as soon as I am whitelisted. Haha see you all soon!
  8. work in progress.... Sed ut perspiciatis unde omnis iste natus error sit voluptatem accusantium doloremque laudantium, totam rem aperiam, eaque ipsa quae ab illo inventore veritatis et quasi architecto beatae vitae dicta sunt explicabo. Nemo enim ipsam voluptatem quia voluptas sit aspernatur aut odit aut fugit, sed quia consequuntur magni dolores eos qui ratione voluptatem sequi nesciunt. Neque porro quisquam est, qui dolorem ipsum quia dolor sit amet, consectetur, adipisci velit, sed quia non numquam eius modi temp
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