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  1. Tbh I'm kinda over this whole situation. The video i uploaded is adequate proof. If you disagree then let the hammer fall where it may. Cba to spend another 4 hours getting that vid to u only to include the parts of the video that have complete silence. I'm out *mic drop*
  2. The text was to help you further understand cyz i figured in these parts of the video you would ask questions. And the speeding up contains no comms and is only done in parts where im not within voice distance. Basically i did it to make your job easier. But fine i will reconvert the raw videos to a format that youtube supports and upload the missing 50 minutes of silence when i get home from work. It will be another 6 hours untill i am home tho.
  3. So post your video evidence of the entire event then ? I find it hilarious that you report us for "griefing" then you literally go into our base and actually destroy and remove its entirety. At least we left your storage and most of your loot. You just deleted our entire base. And you did this WHILE your report is still being investigated. I guess by now I'm almost hoping we get banned, cuz atleast that means you will go down with us. Cuz you did way worse than what we ever did. Oh and we actually had valid rp reason.. Unlike some people ^^
  7. Rendering 1h 40m of video right now.. then gotta upload it. Give me a minute https://youtu.be/dKWCBDbyHDs
  8. Let's try to focus on the roleplay and not the ruleplay part of the story here ? Now you say you arent at all affiliated with cerberus international is that correct? Because then we have had some mixed intell and you might wanna reconsider your armband choice Yeah it'll be coming very soon now
  9. Nobody is dropping guns or anything else on the ground intentionally to despawn it. In all the chaos we were trying to prioritize space in our inventory. Please relax. We cleaned up what we could find that was on the ground and whatever was left when you killed him was obviously beyond our controll at that point. We didn't go in there to grief and destroy your base and be dicks. We went in there to raid. whatever happened to the sea chest that I dropped on the outside of the stairs filled with those batteries I have no clue. It was supposed to get picked up by someone
  10. Fear not. Video evidence will be uploaded by me. Just give me some time. Still at work
  11. Growing up he had to deal with bullies daily, always standing on his own with nobody to catch his back. He had to learn how to fight at an early age. Although he had to deal with a lot of depression and tough times being so lonely. He never let it break him or defeat him. Always standing back up as people and life threw punches. When he became a teengaer he became increasingly restless, wanting to see more of the world, other cultures and what oppertunities exist "out there." However, he was a only child with a single mother and they just didn't have money to allow for any of these things to become reality. At age 18 he had become so sick of his home town he signed up for a job at a international export vessel that transported fish to other countries. This was a perfect job as he often got to spend a day in new countries and cities he would have never been able to afford on his own. February 4th, they anchored in chernarus with a large shipment of salmon. But with the frenzied flu outbreak being prominent in the region they were halted from deporting and forced to stay in the now mandatory quarantine here in chernarus. At first Michael found this to be exciting, usually the visits did not last more than 1-2 days and this would be the first time ever he would get to spend a substantial ammount of time in a new country and had strong hopes of getting to know some interesting people. Although recognizing the danger of the pandemic, he was an oppertunist and did not let that negatively impact his mood. However, his hopes were rapidly crushed as the situation in chernarus rapidly worsened. More and more people were starting to get sick, and most of his crewmates fell ill and later on a large portion of them passing away. What he thought would be an extended stay suddenly turned into an indefinite stay as he did not have any means of getting back without his crew and their ship. He quickly understood that he was most likely never going to return home and the world is never going to be what it once was. His only choice now is to adapt in order to survive in this strange country and this new world.
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