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  1. Alexander Lark, son of Jeremy and Lexa Lark, spent most of his childhood in a small town in Virginia known as Fairfax. Alex’s parents, well...they were nothing special. His father was a carpenter for JP and Co., while his mother stayed home and cared for him and his sister Chloe. Now Fairfax on the other hand, it was certainly special for Alex. Living just outside the nation's capital, the very center of patriotism, this shaped his goals and dreams as the years went by. Once Alex had graduated from college, there was no turning back. With a degree in Criminology and Homeland Security, there were so many opportunities ahead of him. Yet Alex had one goal : to make the world a better place. Not long after graduation, he applied for a job with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, with the hopes of being accepted into their undercover division. After months of waiting he had finally received a call. However, it was not from the FBI, it had come from an unknown ID. The individual on the phone had clear instructions for Alex, yet they did not explain why he received the call. The instructions read “Alexander Lark, tell your family and anyone who is close with you, that you have received a job offer with the U.S. Treasury Department as security guard. Then, once you have fulfilled that request, a location and time will be sent to your phone. Arrive alone. CALL TERMINATED”. Despite the risk that could go along with following these instructions, something inside Alex pushed for him to carry them out. One minute upon arriving at the location, everything went dark. Waking up, Alex could recall only an hour before leaving his apartment on Tuesday the 5th. He woke up in a locked room with restraints holding him to a table that seemed to be bolted to the ground. He had also noticed a single camera in the room. As the minutes went by, he began to tear the restraint from the table out of the camera's view. After what seemed like decades, he finally got loose of the restraints. Almost immediately after, the door buzzed open and two men speaking some sort of language entered the room. Alex knew if he wanted answers it was now or never. With instinctual action he murderously attacked two men, and escaped the room. After making his way through what seemed to be a russian compound, he realized there was something off. How could he possibly be in such a place-*WELL DONE ALEXANDER*. Announced on a PA system. *YOU ESCAPED IN RECORD TIME KID*. Needless to say, Alex had made it into the big leagues. This was just the beginning of Alex’s career in the Central Intelligence Agency. Over the course of the next few years he carried out numerous missions deep within the middle east, and surrounding areas. But just before his last mission deployment, he was cut from the CIA. No warning or reason. Just a simple “You're fired”. Again there was something just not adding up to Alex about the whole situation. He was one of the top agents and most experienced the agency has ever seen. Why would they just cut him out?... Two years later, on October 11th, 2018, Alex received a call identical to the one he had gotten before joining the CIA. Alex, confused, prepared to meet at the location he had been given, yet this time he was prepared. After arriving 3 hours in advance, a woman entered the parking lot and approached the meeting point. Cautiously, he approached the woman. She explained to him the situation surrounding his release from the CIA and what was to come. He had been given orders from the director himself. In short, in order to remain anonymous the CIA had to “fire” Alex as a way to cover his identity for his assignment. He was no longer assigned to simply gathering information. Now, he was being tasked with the infiltration of one of the most controversial and dangerous governments on the face of the planet... the Russian Federation. The newly added country Chernarus would provide a perfect insertion point for US intelligence agents, one of which was going to be Alex. He and 9 other individuals had been selected for the mission known as “Operation Burn”. Over the course of the next few months, the agents underwent heavy training in the fields of communication and combat. This would prepare the agents for all possible scenarios. However, only five of the ten agents would learn the Russian language before deployment. Alex, unfortunately, was not one of them. This failure in preparation led to the division of the team into two squads. One responsible for the infiltration of Chernarus’s mother country, Russia. While the other was an emergency response team in case any agents had become exposed. Due to the strengthening government presence in Chernarus, Operation Burn launched 2 months ahead of schedule. Leaving research into the safety of the operation at a minimum, as well as training. Despite the ramifications, on March 5th, 2019, Operation Burn was launched. Ten men, inserted by air, were to successfully land undetected, within the country of Chernarus. Alex was dropped dangerously close to the capital, Novigrad. There his mission was to remain undetected by officials and citizens, establish communications with CIA satellites, and remain on call for the infiltration team. After landing, Alex was to assimilate into society and remain anonymous. After establishing communications, all seemed well until something straight from hell was unleashed upon humanity. The Caedesviridae infection. The virus was not only a problem for Chernarus but for the entire world. The virus would turn people into aggressive, and violent beings. Creating a very dangerous environment in the world. As tensions rose in Chernarus, the borders became increasingly tight, people became restless and time was ticking down for extraction of Alex and his team. Then the call came. The CIA was falling apart, along with the rest of the globe. There would be no extraction, and there would be no saving....Alex would be on his own.
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