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  1. @Inferno I was not in the building when they were taking the tent that seems to be the problem. I was not involved with the taking of the tent in any way, and I did not take or drop any items from the bar during or after the tent thing, specifically when Kane caught Mathis I was not in the bar, I was at the clinic with Deborah. As @cjackson821 pointed out in his first reply, everybody agrees that I had nothing to do with the tent.
  2. I was not involved in any moving of a tent within or outside the bar at any time. I went to the bar with Mathis and entered the bar due to the fact that he said IC that there was equipment there, grabbed a few items (I didn’t drop any items on the floor) and quickly left, I then proceeded to leave the bar and head towards the hospital to look for more supplies. There I met Deborah near the hospital and then walked with Deborah (after a short IC conversation about medical supplies and necessity) to the clinic across from the bar where Mathis and Cain(Kane? Not sure on spelling or if real name) were discussing a tent that Mathis had attempted to take. I did not hear this conversation IC due to the fact that I was in the clinic with Deborah (logs will show I opened storage in the clinic across from the bar and left items from my own inventory inside the bar), I was informed of this after the fact, for which I apologized to Kane IC and left a few minutes after lying about my involvement with the raiding of items from the bar. I then returned after killing a boar, harvested its meat and returned to the bar with the boar steaks as a peace offering. Then I was informed by Mathis that Miller was being held in a police station against his will by people that are unknown to my character at this time, excluding Kane who I spoke to upon returning to the area where I apologized for the altercation and finally left the area after a short conversation. My character has very little knowledge of that incident, so I will not speak to it. The logs will show that I did not touch the tent, nor did I leave items strewn about to indicate that I was griefing. Both Kane and Deborah can attest that I did not touch the tent to their knowledge and both Anthony and Mathis will say the same. I logged off 06:36:00 as the logs will show and went to bed IRL.
  3. Richard De Munoz was born in NYC May 31st, 1995. His parents, two Hispanic immigrants to the US from Ecuador were killed in a car accident. Richard was soon adopted by the Castellano’s a middle class family who raised Dick as one of their own alongside his step brother Mathis. Dick was a shy and innocent child who always wanted to help but relied on his brother to help defend him from the incessant bullying he received in school. When Mathis left for the Army Dick did not understand why his brother would leave him but would soon come to terms with his brothers decision. Dick would grow up to study engineering in college, but found his true passion in emergency medicine becoming an EMT at the ripe age of 18. He fell in love with the work and went to Paramedic school soon after. He would spend 5 years working in NYC as a paramedic when disturbing communications from his brother made him worry for his sanity. He learned his brother had left the army and was currently residing in Europe. Dick soon became involved in humanitarian work with various volunteer agencies providing medical care in various war torn areas throughout the world. He hoped that this work would allow him to locate his brother and hopefully bring him home. After inklings of an epidemic started to spread in 2018, Dick became interested in Russia, by Feburary and March of 2019 the full blown pandemic meant Dick was deployed to Europe to aide in humanitarian relief. After some time it came to his attention his brother Mathis was in Chernarus Russia where the infection had left the area in dire need of medical personnel. Determined to find his brother, Dick then sought out HARO, the relief team created by the Russian government to help afflicted areas in Russia. Due to his experience and tenacity Dick was deployed alongside other medical professionals to help with medical aide in the region. He has every intention in finding his brother but his work as a Paramedic always comes first, his mission is to help the people of the region first and bring his brother home second.
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