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  1. I agree whole heartedly. Especially on the topic of base building. Pre fabs are cool and all, but there's no sense of community coming together for a greater purpose. Especially when all I am personally asking for is to be able to slap down a couple of walls around wherever our settlement is.
  2. Except what was said was the community overwhelmingly is against it. Obviously not. Either way, staff has already stated they’re discussing the return of base building. At this point, it’s out of our hands.
  3. Very hyped! Can't wait to become a beacon for survivors!
  4. Problem is, that's a bold assumption. My group is pretty active in travelling about the world despite having a home. So your assumption is vastly incorrect. We're so focused on preventing loot goblins, we're encouraging loot goblin behavior. I know, it sounds like it doesn't make sense because to me, it doesn't.
  5. SO what I gather from this is, if you aren't nomadic, you're a loot goblin and deserve what you get. Ludacris. Human history shows that people band together and want to build.
  6. Again, the common narrative of anyone who dares to have a base is a loot hoarder. Yet we give no mention to those who travel the map stealing other peoples items, and downright burning what little they had to the ground. And you mention using a couple of walls vs double walled fortresses. The problem is, I can’t do either. It’s restricted. So in other words, anything I gain, I’ll lose overnight. Yes, it’s a RP server. But if I lived in an apocalypse I would want to keep what little I had safe. It doesn’t encourage becoming a loot goblin. You have RPGs and helos.
  7. Hello everyone, I learned fairly quickly that this is a very controversial topic. However, I am suggesting the return of base building. Why? Lost RP opportunity. Many lone players want to find a community, maybe not to join, but to interact with. I understand there were problems in the past with "loot goblins". But as many community members made clear, is it better now that raiders can come in and take your items with ease? Are they not loot goblins? I believe that base building can easily be controlled by staff. They do an excellent job checking for NLR, what is to stop them from seeing bases follow the rules? It is bizarre that my group lives in a town that is constantly infested with the walkers/wolves. If people are concerned that others will simply shelter and hide like an official server, make rules stricter in regards to bases. Community building groups are at the biggest disadvantage with the ban on base building. Just my humble opinion.
  8. Not at all, I’m apart of a community myself. Not a loot hoarding goon. Is it unreasonable to believe that mankind would build high walls in a dark time period? No. We’ve seen it. The fall of the Roman Empire. The age that followed? The dark ages. Small kingdoms with upstart warlord kings picking each other apart. Many of you hate base building because of negative experiences with people who are very clearly breaking an already existing rule! You can not ignore someone attempting to roleplay with you. If it’s scares you, embolden that particular rule! But I walk out of my house in my community and have to deal with a hoard of walkers and wolves basically every time. It’s a player community, yet still infested? Come on now.
  9. Maybe so, but not everyone does. I feel that taking away mechanics from a game only hinders RP.
  10. Agreed. So if the solo player wants to remain in the woods, should he just accept the fact that his stuff will be gone every night? Toxic players will be toxic. Don’t punish the community because of the actions of a few.
  11. Ah, makes sense. I could see that as being extremely irritating. Thank you for clarifying.
  12. Removal of base building is a bit odd. I think that's another RP mechanic in itself. Is it unreasonable in an apocalypse to want to band together and rebuild society? I believe there are already rules covering ignoring another players attempt to RP. Not allowing bases makes the game feel likes anarchy reigns. I travelled miles to find a community. I think others will too. Just my humble opinion.
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