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  1. My brother Conrad and I grew up together in a small town with a well-supported family in Washington. While working in the field of Genetic Molecular Biologists we hit a burn out in our career and were offered an interesting and enticing job by the US Government. This was something we have been very interested in doing mainly because this is exactly what we have wanted to do since the beginning of our career. So as you may imagine, we accepted it and planned out our journey to set sail across the sea into unknown lands to adventure a place called Deer Isle. After many goodbyes and days of packing our necessities, we set sail to our long-awaited journey. Along many countless days sailing to our destination, we traveled to many small and unique islands. With this travel, there was one moment that took a turn and set our hunger for success to a screeching halt. A man in the distance with a red glowing bean shot straight into the air was signaling for help. Being sailors on the ship they couldn't leave him behind. As the sailors sent out a rescue boat to retrieve the man, they noticed the man was very dehydrated, white as a ghost, and famished. The interesting thing was the strange bite marks covered in rags-like bandages on his legs and arms. Before we knew it the man started acting very strangely and belligerent. The man out of a dazed like rage attacked the captain of the ship and followed with a bite to his arm. As time went on crewmates and the captain began acting aggressively and thirsting for rage. before we knew it the entire ship went rouge with a flesh-eating cannibal-like disease. Noticing land passing closely by Conrad and I stepped onto the shores of Chernaurus. This is where our true story begins.
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