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  1. Yaroslav was born in 1994 and grew up in Ukraine as the only child of his two parents. He grew up in the small town of Dzembronya, which is the tallest mountain village in Ukraine. Each day was filled with fresh air and a beautiful blue horizon, with wonderful sunlight shining down and brisk but relaxing nights with the blueish moonlight shining down upon all of the surroundings. Even though the Soviet Union fell apart in 1991, his family remained ignorant to the civil unrest around them, such as the founding of the Chernarussian republic in 1991 as well as the creation of the Chernarussian crown in 1992. As a small farming town, they had no need for money or government. Because of this, Yaroslav never had to grow up knowing the hardships of a large scale society comprised of civil unrest. Due to his towns location, Yaroslav lived a rather peaceful life as a child tending to the farm animals and crops his family raised and grew for the rest of the town. He learned the basics of hunting from his father at the young age of 6 and mastered it by the age of 12. Yaroslav had a gift - he was born with the ability to tie common sense directly into survival skills. This most definitely came in handy because at the age of 15, Yaroslav's parents died in a bombing accident while they were on their way to Moscow to learn more of the world around them, as they were indeed getting older. It just so happens they decided to drive to Moscow in 2009, which was the same year the 'liberation war' took place. Both sides committed serious war crimes, many of which were bombings of civilian zones, or housing districts. Unfortunately for Yaroslav's parents, they ended up being one of the casualties in these heinous acts and of course, never returned home again. Yaroslav, being the young common sense mastermind he was, realized that since his parents did not return after a week of waiting he would have to do everything in his power to make sure his town could be self-sustaining if he ever had hopes of searching for his parents. So, from the years of 2009-2015, he used his common sense and quick wits to educate his village in survival techniques. He taught the townsfolk how to raise farm animals with respect and compassion, as well as how to grow crops with a loving spirit. His town accepted him as a prophet and made him their governing body, to which he politely refused and explained that all he had done was so he could go off and search for his parents who never came home. The townsfolk, while disappointed, understood his decision and knew that one day this time would come. So, they saw him off with smiles on their face and thanked him for giving them the knowledge they required to continue living without the support of him or his parents. At the end of 2015, Yaroslav began making his way towards Moscow on foot. It was a grueling journey. Wild animals at every turn and cold temperatures left him lost and at his wits ends. This emphasized on his survival techniques and forced him to spend ample amounts of time meditating so he could remember why he started this journey to begin with. After weeks of confusion, starvation and near hypothermic experiences, Yaroslav began to change within. He found new ways to hunt that he had never thought of before, he found new ways to use animal parts that he was never taught before to make better clothing for the environment he was in. He was unsure of his location even though he had a map because he had never traveled outside of his town before. During the year of 2016 when the leader of the CSR Gregori Lopotev was assassinated, there was a lot of unrest within towns – rioting, looting, general violence, etc. Due to this Yaroslav had avoided all towns since he had never been anywhere near this kind of environment before. This caused Yaroslav to travel much further than he originally anticipated, so unbeknownst to him he instead ended up in the Country of Chernarus at the end of 2019. This four year trip was met with struggle and near death experiences that built the man Yaroslav became to this day – a very quick witted, intelligent individual who uses extensive common sense to make sure he remains calm and collected in all situations thrown at him. This was a very good thing to have happened, because in February of 2020 after years of traveling on his own, Yaroslav began making his way towards a small town that looked to be a suitable location to begin asking for directions and information pertaining to his search. According to the signs (which he could only read because his father taught him several languages) he was near the city of Sinystok. This turned out to not go very well though – that is because during this time the Caedesviridae infection began a massive spread across the region. All buildings were closed and the streets were crawling with armed individuals, so Yaroslav, not understanding what was going on, decided to continue making his way southeast in hopes of finding another town. He passed through the forests near Vavilovo and Lopatino in the month of March, and within a few weeks arrived at Vybor. Unfortunately there were military roadblocks set in place here, and Yaroslav was chased further eastward by armed patrols who he had never seen before, and was scared of. Living off the land for several more weeks, he kept secluded in the forest and slowly but surely continued his journey while bypassing towns out of fear of being chased by armed individuals again. Eventually, he made his way to a small town that wasn’t as quarantined as the rest by the month of April. Upon reading the signs on the road he understood that he was at the outskirts of the city of Dolina. It was a brisk morning, most likely around 10am. He walked up to one of the buildings in town to finally ask someone for directions, but was met by a very violent individual who didn’t seem to be speaking any known language. The individual was belligerent, shouting incoherent noises at Yaroslav while attempting to grab him and scratch at his arms and face. Yaroslav, more scared than he’d ever been, drew his hunting knife from his boot and stabbed the assailant in the neck. Absolutely mortified and dazed, Yaroslav ran out of the town while continuing eastward and hid out near the town of Orlovets to the northeast for a few weeks, again living off of the wildlife and shrubbery available in the area. After calming down and readjusting himself through meditation and his joy of living off the land, Yaroslav decided he would again try to make his way to a city or town to ask for information regarding his parents location. He stumbled upon what seemed to be the town of Solnichniy – although it was almost barren. Unlike the other towns he had crossed in his journey that were bustling with passersby and armed patrols, Solnichniy was silent. He decided to wait until nightfall to descend into the city from the radio tower he was camping out by which was due west of the town, and realized within the darkness there were people standing outside, seemingly lifeless. As a curious man, he walked up to one of the people, and asked “what is going on here?”. The person sprung around almost faster than the blink of an eye, and just like the man he had met in Dolina, this person began to attack him! Unfortunately, since it was dark, Yaroslav fumbled around with his assailant for a few minutes before he was able to grab for his hunting knife and plant it directly in the throat of the person attacking him. Dazed and bleeding, Yaroslav blindly ran through town avoiding all living creatures until he inevitably blacked out. Yaroslav awoke on the shores of Solnichniy, in October of 2020. Unaware of how he got there, as he regained consciousness he realized his clothing was tattered. He was thirsty, cold and hungry. After years of survival experiences and a long, long journey filled with fear and intimidation, Yaroslav realized he would not be finding his parents any time soon. He had only one though on his mind – Survive.
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