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  1. My brother and I Christian grew up in a hardworking, rich family in Washington, and miraculously with our slightly-fluent Russian, we were offered a large paying project from the US Government regarding experimentation over a new blueprint to a system dealing with molecular genetic editing. We accepted the offer. Christian and I set off on our journey after some hard goodbyes from friends and family members. Our destination for our round trip was Deerisle. On our way to these multiple islands, the scout crew of our ship spotted a man that had shot a flare into the sky. This man was on a floating raft, turning this into a mission to rescue a man lost at sea. This man that we rescued was dehydrated and very pale when we did a background check on him. The crew officers were together with the man that we rescued trying to talk to him, and eventually decided what we will do. As our captain of the ship got too close, he was outrageously bitten by this mysterious man. Slowly as time went on all of our crew members became dehydrated and groggy as if there was a disease or virus going around on the ship. This caused us to emergency dock on an island called Chernarus. Little did we know, we just stepped into another world.
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