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  1. Originally from the city of Seattle, Washington, Martin was the son of a former soldier named Patrick and an exotic dancer named Sonya. His childhood was relatively happy with him spending a great deal of time with his father and his mother's father, Illya. Spending time with Illya he was taught Russian and Chernarussian, the languages the older man grew up speaking. From Patrick, Martin learned how to hunt and live off of the land. The young man cherished the opportunity to spend time with his father and grandfather out in nature and proved to be an adept survivor and hunter. As he grew older his love for nature only increased and when he graduated high school he went to college for a degree in wildlife management. Upon completion of his university education Martin started searching for employment as a park ranger. As luck would have it his knowledge of Chernarussian put him in the running for a job out in his grandfather's mother country of Chernarus. Martin was more than happy to try living overseas for a while and accepted the position. Living in Novaya Petrovka, Martin was lucky enough to avoid getting sick when the plague swept through the country. He hid in the woods nearby, living off of the land when things began to get serious. Growing lonely, he's returning to find out exactly the extent of the destruction that had been wrought. Facing off with hordes of the infected, Martin is determined to do what it takes to help rebuild civilization.
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