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  1. Born in the city of Vladivostok, Russia, Dima Bogdan, aka Scav, was an orphan. He was forced to survive by himself, sometimes working for real gangsters by running guns and drugs for them. Other times he was a member of a youth gang, stealing from people, begging for change and occasionally selling dope himself. He mostly fended for himself until joining the military at the age of eighteen. By twenty five he was member of a Spetsnaz Special Operations Unit. His excellence in the service was possible because of the patience and fortitude he had to learn surviving by himself on the streets. Between his military experiences and life as an orphan, Scav was a very cold and indifferent person. When he left the service he did so because one of the kids he grew up with had joined the Bratva Vory, the Russian Mob, and had a job for someone with Scav's skillset. And so he became a hired gun. Though quite successful, his friend ended up ratting Scav out for a reduced prison sentence and the former Spetsnaz commando found himself heading off to incarceration. It was there that he officially joined the Bratva Vory as a torpedo, or a contract killer. He was in charge of handling problems for the gang in the correctional facility. While in lockup, Scav became what was known as Two Spies, meaning he monitored the actions of a number of ranking Bratva Vory members. As a former torpedo he was both known and feared and those under his supervision were reluctant to try to take too much power from the bosses. It was in prison that he received his first tattoo, eyes on his chest, to symbolize that he watched out for people. After getting out he received his second tattoo, a downward facing spider on his back, that showed he put the criminal lifestyle behind him. It was then that he realized he had developed post traumatic stress disorder as a result of the 39 men he knew for sure that he'd killed. To help combat his negative feelings he began experimenting with illegal drugs, eventually settling on cannabis to help with his emotions. When the outbreak began Scav found himself having to shoot people again. This, combined with the difficulty in obtaining cannabis, caused him to become more detached and clinical. He was quick to join a group of smugglers to provide security in exchange for necessities and ammunition. Their boat was heading to Chernarus when it was bowled over by heavy waves and storms. By the time Scav awoke he found himself in a strange land with no equipment, no contacts and little hope for survival. He knew the next challenge in his life was just beginning.
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