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  1. Blake Farrington is a man who grew up under the iron fist of his military father all of his life, he wasn’t an abusive father by any means, but most of the time he would treat his family more like soldiers than his own blood, using his voice as a means to demean his family. Living out in the countryside of the north east of the UK, Blake constantly wished to escape the grip of his family and travel off into the city to get the life he always wanted, but tried to stay strong for the sake of his younger brother and mother working hard and enduring the burdens his old man placed on him. School was always hard for him because of his lack of support, his mother tried to help when she could, but mostly she was out working trying to sustain the family while his father insisted that he was doing his part by keeping the house together, as such Blake had segregated himself from most people outside of his family. When he became 13, his father took him out hunting by surprise, naturally Blake wanted no part in it but dared not reject him in case he angered him, it was on that trip that his father showed him how to shoot a gun for the first time, an old .308 rifle. The first time he shot it he almost blew his shoulder out, but he couldn’t lie, he liked it, the feeling of power it gave him was enjoyable, it was the one time he ever managed to even slightly bond with his father too. He never managed to hit anything on that trip, nor for the next few trips after that, but when he turned 18, along with some other mementos, his father gave him that same .308 rifle as a gift, a gift which he treasured ever since. At the age of 22, Blakes younger brother turned 18 and was planning to go off to a university, Blake took this as an opportunity to finally leave the nest and do all the things he dreamed of doing, but he never got far, 3 years later on May 2nd 2018, Blake had undeniably begun to struggle financially, knowing his way around a gun, especially one such as a hunting rifle, he began taking up less than legal jobs, being an armed escort or security for certain operations, he knew that it was morally wrong, but at the time he felt he had no where to fall back to and the money was good. This went on for 2 more years until he found a rather simple job of accompanying two others on a trip to the Ukraine, quick and easy he thought and soon enough he was in the air enjoying the view from the rear of the plane, that’s when a faded warning came in from the cockpit, confused, Blake opened his mouth to question the pilot when he was suddenly thrown upwards by an explosion, now concussed, everything went hazy as he faded in and out of consciousness, hearing the panic from the other 2 passengers as he felt the plane dropping before suddenly it was over. By some unknown luck, all 3 of them survived the crash by landing near the coast of Chernarus where they currently now reside trying to figure out what to do with their situation.
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