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  1. 05/06/2014 Entry #411 Time: 0400 hours *Inserts tape into player* "Not much is known about Daniel. Even he himself doesn't remember it seems.. this is the 411th insert into his diary and no progress has been made since entry #42. Time and time again, he seems to revert back to this 'state'.. Even Dr. Romonov couldn't make sense of it, and he is the best we have here. It's strange being his.. personal 'note taker' overseeing and having to journal everything he does, even so much of a grunt and I have to jot it down. Anyway, this is turning into my own journal and we all know what happened last time I did this. I better not risk it, can't be out of a job in times like these.. Dr Blake, signing off." *Tape scratches to an end* 04/07/2014 Entry #612 Time: 1700 hours *Inserts tape into player* "Prefacing this entry with my personal addendum, Dr. Romonov and Nurse Blackfield have had Daniel in the O ward, as we call it. It's the institutes term for "No one can see what happens to you in here, and we can get away with it all" kind of thing. Horrible sort of shit that you wouldn't want to see. However every time a patient goes there, they come out different. God knows what goes on in there, and hell.. I don't even want to know.. Now as I'm certain these all get listened to and edited to fulfil some sort of legal bullshit. so chances are you won't hear any of this! But I rarely get to speak to anyone, since I'm under so many NDAs I can barely breathe. But I digress.. Now onto Daniel, something seems off today. It's like he's snapped - not in a bad way, but today he spoke to me.. he actually spoke. The last time he spoke was 2012, see entry #42 for reference. He spoke about his job, his family, even his damn Cats. I sat there is disbelief, I simply could not wrap my head round what had suddenly changed in his head, and the weirdest part about it is - he acted like it was normal.. 4 hours we just sat and spoke, well I mostly listened but for some strange reason, he had this 'tick'. Nothing like Tourette's, or any other disability, he has no history on file for any of that. But I have been with Daniel since 2007 and it scares me to say, but I know him - perhaps a little too much and this wasn't him. Regardless, Dr Romonov, and Nurse Blackfield PERSONALLY came to wheel him back in.. I will re-iterate the word PERSONALLY here as I have never seen them do this with any other patient, and I have worked with both of them since they joined in 1988, anyway the point it seems very hush hush and they didn't even look at me or say a word. Strange.." *Tape scratches to an end* 08/05/2015 Entry #1011 Time: UNKNOWN *Inserts tape into player* ",.;'''#### I've fou-;,dsd *tape scratching and screeching due to damage* something her-#''f[r;f they are killing them... kifnjt'd#;34354'###### I can't believe thisp[#'#/ They've seen me.;'#;][ ]'# *Tape ends abruptly* 07/01/2018 Entry #000000 Time: UNKNOWN *Inserts tape into player* "*Heavy panting & shouting in background with lots of stomping. Can clearly make out sounds of weapons and PMC kit* I've seen it. I've been seeing it for the last 4 years, sneaking in when I can. Witnessing it, recording it, taping it.. I've done it all, I can't even tell you the horrors I've found in here... I thought it was just a ward, I mean IT WAS JUST A WARD. I don't know what has changed but NONE of this is on the blueprints or floorplan. I mean holy shit. *Radio silence as shouting get's louder and a scuffle can be heard* They're closing in, the institutes 'liquidation' crew, they burning everything. Everything those bastards.. no-one will see the full extent of what they did here. But I am the reason for this, I couldn't just sit here and let those bastards get away with it, I sent EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING I've collected over these years to EVERY journalist, news company, share holder, and whoever else I could fucking send it to. I will make these pricks known for what they do, and now I've got all of the blood on my hands.. Oh fuck they're comi-.. *Gun shot, and an audible groan, and then the sound of running can be heard* *Minutes go by on the tape* *A conversation begins between Dr Save and Patient Daniel East* *Daniel East clearly sounds either under the influence of something and completely unempathetic* DS = Dr Save DE = Daniel East DS: Daniel, come with me DE: Save, you are wounded DS: No matter, I will explain as I go along *DS goes into detail with what has been happening to him and what the Institute has been up to* DE: Dr your bleeding heavily, we need to get hel- DS: No Daniel, it is too late for me, I have done everything I need to. If they haven't killed you then we are both loose ends. My death will buy you time to get somewhere where they can't track you. Or more so they won't. DE: But.- DS: But nothing *coughs, and weezes* remember when you asked me about being able to start again, clean slate. I took that on-board. I found somewhere.. Chernarus it's called. I arranged travel for myself to get there via boat. Bliss Dreams the boat is called, owned by my friend Derek. Go, give him this paper, he will know what it means and what to do *cough, struggling for breath* there is no getting out of this. DE: *sounding confused* Ok Dr. I know not what you did or do. But I will do this. Thank you. DS: Now go, through the vent and don't look back until you get to the docks, Derek will be waiting for you. *DS hands DE something, sounds like paper rustling. Files maybe?* *DE then leaves through a maintenance vent* DS: Typical, he doesn't even remember anything. I'm not sure if that is by choice or not, but I am not surprised after seeing what they did. Not only to him, but everyone else. *Shouting gets louder, almost outside the door* DS: and now they've found where I am.. there is nothing more to say and nothing more to do than accept what's com-... *Door is breached and a gunshot sounds almost instantly followed by comms and the faint sound of flowing blood* *Tape recorder gets picked up and ends* THIS INFORMATION IS COLLECTED AND PROTECTED BY THE INSTITUTE. IT IS A CRIME TO OTHERWISE SHARE, READ, COPY OR LISTEN TO THESE FILES. A-LEVEL CLEARANCE IS NEEDED TO ACCESS THESE FILES AND THE ATTACHED CASE FILE. ANYONE FOUND DISREGARDING COMPANY POLICIES WILL BE FOUND AND EXECUTED. # # # # # # #
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