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  1. Evin Foster. Having grown up in the troubled region of chernarus, living predominantly an agricultural and lower class existence under a stern, but spiritually minded mother and a passionate but ruthless father. Both invested heavily in the national party movement. She was taught much of faith and spirituality by her mother as she helped around the home farm. Educated at the local church by a family friend she was subsequently fed much of her fathers patriotic spirit and had come to take on much of her fathers values and mannerisms as well. Unlike both her stern mother, and single minded father young Evin while in support of her family, held a wisdom that seemed to elude both of them. Often finding compassion for others where her mother would grant only condemnation, or perspective where her father was single minded. Both taught her however of the importance of self reliance, discipline, Focus, hard work and most importantly of all, keeping true to ones values, morals and homeland. Having witnessed much of the troubles on her people during the war. Seen the eruption of this great plague where she felt herself most safe, Within the confines of the church. Days passed and the screams ceased, or were replaced with inhuman howls. Locked away by the families close friend, only for him to be clawing at the door baying for her blood. Forced by hunger and fear to take drastic action she was quick to ramshackle a spear from a ornament and broom. Using a gap in the bolted door to with great pains, end the suffering of each who came clawing at the door. Her family, congregation and family friend included. Haunted and stricken with guilt by this experience, only to witness the governmental bombings on her home. Her stern upbringing and trial by fire has served her well in the panic stricken days after, struggling with all she has seen and learned. If faith will become zealotry, and self destructive. If there is anything of her home left to save...and if she herself is worth saving. For now, focus on day to day survival will keep her from these pits of despair. Determined to what she can to improve the situation for her people, to ease their suffering and soothe their souls. Even if that means granting them one final prayer. She has steeled herself for this new reality, Driven by the ghosts of war and this new horror, and the faint hope over yonder...
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