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  1. Tim grew up in a decent sized town in New York. He had an average teenage life and had a small group of friends. He got average to high grades in school ranging from 80's to 95's. Never really studied and instead focused his attention on having fun and working out. He was an above mediocre Track and Cross Country runner and loved to run. He didn't like his coaches as he has trouble getting along with people that tell him what to do. Tim grew up with very over protective parents, so naturally he likes being independent and away from being controlled. Both of his parents passed away in a car crash when he was 13. This left him mentally scarred and extremely self conscious with who he gets close with. Tim and his brother never got along when they were younger but as Tim grew up his brother accepted his maturing personality more. Tim worked at a fast food restaurant and made minimum wage. He would usually spend his earnings on food and activities with his friends. Eventually the idea of going on vacation with his friends crosses his mind. He'd save up every week he gets paid and put his earnings under his mattress. His friends would save as well and they planned a flight to California, where they would then take a boat to Hawaii. This took extremely long for him and his friends to get the money. Without parents and no supervision other than his brother, months of saving with his pals got the job done. They were finally able to afford their trip. They boarded the boat after a 6 hour flight to California and set up in their cabins. The first night on their way to the islands, extreme winds cause waves to reach great sizes. Crew members and other passengers began to turn into savages, ripping each other apart and feasting one each others flesh. The winds were coming from a category 4 hurricane that made a sudden shift in its predicted path. The winds were so strong it flipped the boat onto its side and Tim was forced to deploy the safety raft in order to survive. Luckily for Tim, he would watch videos about people surviving out at sea stranded, never thinking he'd be in the situation. Tim eventually woke up, after being in the hurricane with monster waves and crazy winds. After what seemed like forever, he found himself by an unrecognizable land. With the waters calm and a slight cool breeze in the air, Tim takes the paddle connected to the raft and begins to make his way over to the foreign land. After eating all the food and taking in all the drink there was on board the raft, he ventures out into the new world hoping to survive.
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