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  1. David was born in Israel to a loving family, his dad was a fire man and his mom a special aid teacher which helped him to become the strong and kind man he is today. He used to go to Russia almost every year to meet his grandparents that were living at a farm that was situated at omsk there he used to practice fishing, farming and some times fighting from his grandfather who was an army veteran who fought for the Russian army. After he finished high school he decided to visit his grandparents before he joins the army and have a trip around Russia but because the sudden closing of airport and the roadblocks David couldn't leave and was stuck near the border to Chernarus after being taken by soldiers to the nearest camp he understood how serious the situation is after spending some time in the camp it got over run by zombie from the village near by which send everybody there in to a big panic, David ran as fast as he can to the forest but got lost but after a day of walking he found a roadblock with a sign next to it saying "Welcome to Chernarus" Never had good luck with ladies but he is fun at parties and love to meet new people and hangout with friends. loves: chocolate and any type of meat. Isn't aggressive but knows how to fight back if he has to
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