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  1. Jonathan was the prized child of his late father, Albert Taylor, a well renowned physician and graduate of Cambridge university. From a very early age he was groomed into intellectualism, having often been herded away from sports and social activities to instead have his time occupied by lectures and textbooks. Though he didn’t seem to mind, there was a certain euphoria that came with the quest of discovery and friendship seemed so petty compared to the things he could learn. Yet this came with consequence, throughout his childhood he struggled to build relationships with others and lacked the confidence that many other men of his age had long since bloomed with. It was expected of him of course to follow in his father’s footsteps, the study of biology. Through hard work and dedication he found himself graduating with a Masters Degree in Biochemistry, of which became his profession. Life seemed far simpler then, and this man who had spent his life mostly isolated found himself a soul mate; her name was Zoya Kuznetsov, a foreign exchange student from Chernorussia who had migrated to Cambridge for it’s renowned scholarships. She was his superior in almost every single way, and soon he found himself sticken entirely by her. They spent years after their graduation together, building a life in what they felt would be normal forever. Though of course, nothing truly does last. In the year of 2014 after over three years together Zoya found herself slowly becoming unhealthily fixated on her work; it was overpowering and breaking down not only her own mental health but the relationship at large. Each year the couple would travel to Chernorussia to see her family, each trip extended longer than the last though in this year, the pair made the plunge and decided to stay, a decision that would forever shape their life. Over the summer, Jonathan proposed to Zoya in hopes to rekindle the love they had lost in Britain and to his surprise, it worked, granting him citizenship to the country and by the end of the year she had fallen pregnant and the pair had once more fallen back into love. With their combined wealth the couple bought a home within one of the cities, and found themselves jobs working within the same military laboratory. They had been assigned to assist within the study of bioweapons that could be used in warfare should it be necessary. Years passed and during the early months of 2018 rumour began to spread within the laboratory of a foreign disease which was sparking within Istanbul, the pair curious as to why such was never made too public outside of what little they knew. In desire to use this pathogen as a potential chemical weapon, samples were attempted to be acquired, samples which of course never arrived. It was then but a year later that more public stories of quarantines and lockdowns were announced in South Zagoria and this drew even more attention from his colleagues though due to how heavily things were closed off, they were unable to venture there for study. It was only in the year of 2020 that things got worse, their laboratory was closed down by the military and they were instead tasked with moving to one of the many encampments that had been set up to study infected patients in the field.. Things didn’t go well, fires and fights broke out and due to the nature of their profession the two and their daughter were evacuated. Though not as planned, wanting to ensure at least one of their survival the pair were split into different vehicles. As his own was driven into the distance the car escorting his partner was seen driving into a herd of infected, gunshots were heard for only so long, before an eventual silence. A silence that never seemed to end, even until now. Work consumed him and before long the military group set up a small temporary encampment deep in the woods, one morning the soldiers ventured out to collect supplies, though they never returned. And this is where his true story began.
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