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  1. Владимир Косков was born on 22 March 1980 to a Jewish family in the Solntsevo district of Moscow, He grew up in an atmosphere where doing crime wasn't considered a bad thing. Especially when the real criminals were the cops and politicians who murdered and tortured anyone who dared sing a different tune than the one approved by the communist government. He lost his parents in a crossfire between the cops and the local mobs and was devasted by it ,it was as if the whole world was upside down.Владимир or Vlad as he was called, didn't dive into a life of crime right away, first he worked as a waiter in several Moscow restaurants until the incident with his parents that was when he turned to crime full time. After some time without being caught his luck ran out. In 2000, at the age of 20, Владимир was charged with theft and fraud and sentenced to 6 months in prison, or as the Russians call their hell: Gulag. There, Владимир made some good contacts with other Russian fellows, he also learned about the second Chechen Campaogn was to begin. This was a good chance for him to get out and give a hand by fighting alongside pro-Russian Chechen paramilitary forces. a lot of people died in that war luckily he survived. Владимир also fought in the 5 day Russo-Georgian war in 2008 under the 58th army and Anatoly Khrulyov where he met this guy Ruslan both of us shared our part of history. After the referendum and the currency switched to the ruble Владимир knew that the Russians would be making a lot of changes around Chernarus very soon. With all the changes happening Владимир started to make more contacts and started some training thinking that there would be chaos very soon and he had to survive. When January of 2020 arrived there was the word of a so-called “frenzied flu” going around so Владимир being resourceful went to the store and some of his friends and bought ammo and canned food to survive. soon the country was closing stores due to the infection. when the quarantine began Владимир was forced to stay inside.Владимир heard from his friend Ruslan that he saw the armed military checkpoints and knew there was more to this flu then we are told, they then closed the border to the country. He stayed quarantine but soon he began to hear gunshots in the distances and when he looked on the tv people were rioting so he decided to join the Chernarus people. On May 10th martial law was declared, the country was falling apart.Владимир was asked to relocate to a camp in Elektrozavodsk. By May 31st the relocation camps were beginning to get full and many people were just leaving the camps including Владимир. The day was June 3rd when Владимир heard the Russian city of St Petersburg was abandoned due to the severity of the virus and put into a forced quarantine and anyone who is caught leaving the city is considered a threat to humanity and the federation and would be shot on sight. It was then Владимир started to think that the severity of this so-called “Frenzied Flu” was very serious. On June 21st Владимир called his friend Ruslan telling him that it would get worse down here because the 320th of the Russian forces were to pull out of the South Zagoria region leaving only the RAC to stabilize the region and asked if Владимир could join him on this battle.
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