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  1. Born to a father who was a police officer in Vladivostok and a mother who was working for a nursing home. Ninel did not care much for his education and was a rebellious kid who done drugs, however realized that if he wished to follow his father's footsteps, he would need to get his life sorted out and therefore stopped drinking and doing drugs and became much more disciplined. At the age of 17 Ninel left school and while it took him a while to get over the withdrawal of quitting alcohol and drugs (about a year) after which he did finally become a better kid and went to go apply to become a police officer at the age of 18 nearly 19. Ninel passed the initial Police aptitude physical and mental tests and went on to serve in Vladivostok as a trainee. Ninel meets a woman online called "Olivia" and they quickly become close to each other. Olivia asks Ninel to move to America to meet her, Ninel agrees and goes to America on holiday for 6 months where they get in a relationship, Olivia opens up to Ninel about her abusive father and asks to get married in America so she can move with Ninel back in Vladivostok. Initially Ninel refused and believed she was simply in a relationship with him to get away from her father, however after a while Olivia reassures him that she indeed wants to be with him and as such Ninel agrees to get married with her and move back to Vladivostok with her. Ninel continues with his training in the police academy during mid 2017 and Olivia stays in Ninels home learning Russian. During mid October 2018 Chernarus becomes a part of the Russian Federation and a lot of new job opportunities open up for the Russian citizens and Olivia finds a good job in a hospital as an assistant which pays good, as such Olivia moves to Chernarus much to both their dismay, however they agree that they need to do it for the money as well as for their future child's benefit. In mid December of 2018, a short story on a news network catches Ninels eye and he overheard a sentence about a mutation of the Flu taking place in Istanbul Turkey. This puts him on edge however he is reassured as the news ends with the notice that the outbreak is dying down rapidly because of the WHO and the efforts of the Turkish Government. In February of 2019 Ninel gets a call from his wife in which she talks about the new quarantine measures and the new guidelines put in place by the Russian Government, she also talks about how her job at the hospital is very good and her co-workers are very friendly, as such she is fluent in Russian and is making steady progress in the clinic. 10 days later NInel hears over the news that a state of Emergency has been enacted upon Chernarus and other small of the Russian Federation. Because of this Ninel asks for a transfer to Chernarus from Vladivostok which is quickly approved due to the severity of the situation in Chernarus along with the understanding that his wife is living there. Ninels wife gets sent to "Specialized Zone Jeden" in which Ninel is also stationed to overlook and advise the civilians. In his time in Specialized Zone Jeden, Ninel encounters one highly aggressive non-compliant individual and the individual starts running towards Ninel, Ninel reluctantly draws his weapon and yells for the individual to stop in their tracks, however despite numerous warnings he does not stop and the danger that the individual puts him in forces Ninel to shoot him dead. Ninel is shocked by this seeing as he just killed a sick unarmed civilian as his first victim. Ninels wife hugs him and pulls him aside making sure hes okay as she sees that he is clearly traumatised by this event that just occured. After a couple of exhausting months news finally comes around of a Vaccine coming from a German pharmaceutical company which boosts Ninels moral and gives him hope again. He would just have to wait for the vaccine to be mass produced and distributed. In late November of 2019, Olivia and Ninel live in the apartment that Olivia has rented and they stay and live together for several months. Ninel has trouble sleeping because of the incident with the individual however he brushes to the back of his mind and gets decent sleep regardless. Olivia and Ninel are able to have good moments together in the few months of peace that there is. However on April 1st of 2020, the Frenzy Flu struck again with increased cases soaring through the world and the recent vaccine proving largely useless despite its original effectiveness. This forced Ninel back into service with enforcing quarantine laws. Because of the increased reports of hostile individuals throughout the globe, Ninel and other police officers were strongly advised to carry more ammunition on their body to protect themselves and others. Ninel did not necessarily approve of this action however went along with it as he saw the necessity of it and the logic of it. Ninel and Olivia rarely get to see eachother anymore as Ninel was constantly doing his service and was sometimes forced to sleep in the police station. Olivia was also incredibly busy in the hospital with the overwhelming amount of cases they get daily and they were lucky to see each other twice a week. Ninel is effectively conscripted into the Riot Police and feels its his duty to quell the riots and protect others despite having no training in riot policing. During one of the many riots that took place in Chernarus on the street of his and Olivia's apartment, Ninel sees a man holding a Molotov Cocktail and he tries to stop him throwing it however is too late and the Molotov goes through the window of Olivia's apartment and burst into severe flames, shocked he disregards orders and goes into the smoking apartment searching rapidly for Olivia. He busts the door down and finds almost everything engulfed in flames, he runs through and sees that Olivia's shoes are missing along with other clothes however he isn't sure if she took them and left, they were burnt or if the room was ransacked by rioters. He sees that the riot is getting out of hand and is forced to join back in the riot. Eventually the riot police are called off and the military "take care" of the riot. As the evacuation camps keep growing in population, Ninel finds it harder and harder to find Olivia in the one that hes stationed however keeps his hopes high that she is being taken care of in another camp. In the evacuation camps that Ninel is stationed at he meets a SOBR Officer named Tomas and he teaches Ninel the basics of firearm safety along with a few other first-aid essentials. While the two don't necessarily agree with each other in most aspects, they learn to get along and eventually go on a routine patrol with one another when suddenly, Tomas gets shot in his helmet, Ninel quickly runs for cover as he assumes his partner is dead. Ninel starts firing back and quickly notices Tomas moving and drags him to some cover, he quickly administers first aid to him and notices the helmet caught the small caliber bullet. The two officers start returning fire at the entity that was shooting at them when Ninel tragically gets shot in his vest and gets several fractured ribs, therefore he passes out from the pain. Next thing he knows he wakes up in an abandoned field hospital with Tomas on another bed opposite his, Ninel wakes up first and awaits Tomas to awaken which doesn't take too long. The two find that the majority of their gear is gone and they set out together for differing goals. Despite these differing goals and them being wounded and having difficulty walking they set out together, Ninel in search for his missing wife and Tomas in search of any remaining Government Forces. No one has seen them since... P.S This character (Vladimir) is affiliated another player character called "tomas strnad" And their stories interlink.
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