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  1. Vladimir was born in Chernarus on 20th December in the year of 1990. He was born to a middle class family where Vladimir's and Sasha's father ran a construction company, which was more of a family business. Due to influence from his father, he took the same path alongside his brother where they became builders. Vladimir is in general a laid back personality and easy to approach to. Due to the outbreak in Chernarus, both brothers lost their jobs which forced them to move to their uncles village in Kamensk. Shortly after arriving at their uncles place, the whole country was put down on a lockdown, where the virus was taken quite seriously due to it's consequences. During the Martial Law, their uncle was killed in a home-invasion, leaving the two brothers alone in a village they don't know much about. Since then, they've been travelling from base to base through Cherarus, meeting new faces along with trying to setlle down to a place they can call home.
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