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  1. Born in Belgrade, Serbia. Filip was the only child. His father, Aleksandar was a part off the military and his mother, Jana, was a stay at home wife. Filip was raised in a strict manner, taught to study hard, practice combat sports, such as kickboxing and karate, and to never initiate violence on others. When he turned 10, he showed interested in weapons, combat and survival skills. His father, Aleksandar was more then happy to teach him. From that day on wards, him and his father would ever so often leave the city and go hunting in the small, nearby towns, where he would be taught how to use a hunting rifle, fish, skin the animals, cook them and basic survival skills. At the age of 20, Filip would go on a hunt for the last time with his father. While they were in the forest, Filip heard a strange sound, it sounded like huffing, but deep and guttural. By the time he turned around, the creature, covered in brown fur and 2 meters tall was rushing towards him. His father yelled and fired a shot from his M70 rifle, hitting the bear in the shoulder, causing it to turn its attention to Aleksandar. Noticing this, Aleksandar yelled for Filip to run away and call for help. Unable to move, due to fear. Filip just stood there watching as his father was pushed down by the bear. It started to maul his father. The screams of his father brought him back to reality and he pointed his own M70 rifle and fired a shot, hitting the bear in the head. Once bear dropped dead, he approached his father to check on him, but it was too late. His father's face was mutilated, his jaw broken, throat opened and his clothes completely covered in blood. A devastated man shot the bear 3 more times in the head before picking up his father's weapon and carrying him to the nearby road where he called for ambulance. One year later, Jana passed away. She couldn't handle Aleksandar's death and fell sick, one year later succumbing to the sickness. The next 2 years were absolute hell for Filip. He regularly went to therapy and took a lot of prescribed medication. The scenes from that day traumatized him. Only 5 years later, was he able to overcome his trauma and get back to hunting and camping. During the beginning stages of the outbreak, he found himself in Chernarus, as a tourist. He was one of the few civilians that managed to get past the military blockades and go into the wilderness.
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